5 Tips for Using the Motorola Razr 2023 Cover Screen


He Motorola Razr 2023 It’s the first widely available $700 foldable foldable and comes with compromises that help keep the price below its $1,000 counterparts.

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In particular, the external screen that extends along the top half of the back of the Motorola Razr Plus 2023 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 has been reduced to a thumbnail-sized outer display on the Razr 2023.

The 1.5-inch screen still has enough space to display basic information and app notifications, as well as offering cool shortcuts and features. Here are five tips for using the Razr 2023’s cover display to its full potential.

A hand holds the folded Motorola Razr 2023 with a notification on its outside screen that says "rotate it twice to open the chamber."

Do you want to take a selfie with the Razr closed? Simply rotate your wrist twice while holding the phone.

Patrick Holland/CNET

1. Selfies

The best use for the Razr 2023’s exterior screen is to take a selfie with the phone folded, allowing you to use the 64-megapixel main camera to take higher-quality photos than the 32-megapixel camera that sits above the internal screen. complete. Rotate your wrist twice while holding the phone to open the Camera app.

Admittedly, the external screen is too small to preview everything the main camera would capture, so you’ll mostly use it to center the photo. Note that the external screen is oriented horizontally but shoots vertically, so if you want a wide selfie rather than a tall one, you’ll need to counterintuitively rotate the phone sideways.

A hand holds the Motorola Razr 2023 and its small outer screen shows a preview of what the camera sees: a man's face.

The Razr 2023’s exterior screen only shows a fraction of what the camera actually captures.

David Lumb/CNET

Also note that when using the outer screen, selfies default to a 4:3 resolution, which cannot be changed. As a nice touch, you can activate a feature to have a cartoon wave on the small screen to catch the kids’ attention while they take a photo.

Motorola Razr 2023

Voice recording is one of several panel shortcuts to choose from.

James Martin/CNET

2. Choose your dashboard shortcuts

While you can’t access every app or feature from the external display, you can select from a small number of shortcuts and organize them into “panels” in any order. In addition to the home panel with clock, date, and battery, you can add panels for audio recording, calendar events, contacts, media (what music is playing), timer, and weather.

Some of them are more useful than others, but they all fit the “information and quick access” mission of the outer screen. And the contacts tab is useful for making quick calls to your favorite people.
To set up, go to the Settings app, select External screen. Then tap Panels. From there you can choose which panels you want to be active and arrange them in the order you prefer.

3. Make calls with the phone closed

The aforementioned contacts panel allows you to select contacts that you can call while the phone remains closed. Contacts must be marked as favorites, so you’ll need to check your friends and family list to mark them in advance and call them from the external screen.

One hand holds the Motorola Razr 2023 unfolded, showing half a list of watch faces to choose from: digital numbers, analog-style watch faces, and fun animated characters.

In your phone settings, you can choose which clock format appears on the external display.

David Lumb/CNET

4. Change your date and time home panel

The default home panel shows the time, date, and battery percentage, but you can change the clock face. Go to Settings, tap External screen so watch faces to choose one that is more your style. There is a variety, from different digital fonts to classic analog watch faces. There are even some with animated characters that are fun for kids.

Motorola Razr 2023

With a simple gesture, you can turn on your flashlight without unfolding your phone.

James Martin/CNET

5. Open your flashlight

OK, this isn’t exactly using the screen, but it is a trick to use while the phone is closed. If you need to turn on the flashlight, simply perform Motorola’s other signature gesture: hold the folded Razr and make a chopping motion twice. To turn it off, double-click it once more.

Aside from the clamshell display, the Motorola Razr 2023 is a solid foldable phone at an attractive price of $700 compared to its more expensive competitors. See my complete Razr 2023 review to learn more about the tradeoffs Motorola made to keep the phone affordable.

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