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A decade ago, Abubakar Salim lost his father. That pain lives inside him. Actor by profession, with credits in Raised by wolves and Dragon HouseFor the next season, he searched for years for the right way to overcome the pain. A movie. A TV show Nothing did her justice, until she tried to create a video game. “If you’re really portraying grief in a truthful and honest way, it’s so open and chaotic that you can actually gamify it,” she says.

Salim is the CEO and creative director of Surgent Studios, the developer behind the upcoming metroidvania game Tales of Kenzera: width. The game, which will be released on April 23, follows a young shaman, Zau, who has made a deal with the god of death to bring his father back to life in exchange for three great spirits. His story is a reflection of how to deal with loss; Even its premise is based on negotiation, a common stage for someone facing death. Pushing buttons, changing masks: all of this, Salim says, is representative of the madness that people can experience.

Games about grief reflect those feelings in many ways. Platforms grey makes the stages of grief literal as her heroine silently navigates a world that uses color and music to express emotions. What Remains of Edith Finch explores the death of a family by examining their belongings, along with vignettes dedicated to the lost.

Kenzera has its own methods. Throughout the game, Zau takes time to pause and talk about his feelings. That’s the result of Salim and the game developers trying to figure out how the character could restore his health. The solution ended up being quite literal: creating a space where Zau simply sits under a tree and reflects.

Each biome in the game world is a reflection of the journey through that heartbreak. Salim, who grew up playing with his father, reflects on something his father used to tell him when he was a child: “When you are born, you are alone, and when you die, you are alone.” KenzeraThe developers infused that idea into the Woodlands setting, which is meant to evoke a sense of question: “Will I be remembered? Will I be forgotten?

The stories Salim’s father told him greatly influenced the game, as did Bantu culture, which he said was done as a form of celebration rather than an effort to educate people. In recent years, games like God of War and hell have brought a new familiarity to Norse and Greek mythology. a game like Kenzera You could do something similar for southern African culture. “It’s about inspiring people to see these stories and lean into them,” Salim says.

Although KenzeraCombat has evolved over time, it is influenced by dambé, a form of Nigerian boxing. Zau changes masks to change his fighting style: sun and moon masks that represent life and death. In Bantu culture, Salim explains, the two balance each other. “That’s really where the inspiration for these two masks came from,” he says. The sun mask is warm and flaming in nature, while the moon mask has a more icy look and feel. Both masks are beautiful and full of energy, an ode to how other cultures handle death. “Especially in African cultures, (death) is almost celebrated in some way,” he says. “It’s a step toward something new.”


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