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Astronaut William R. Pogue, Skylab 4 pilot, recorded this extensive scene of his crewmates, astronauts Edward G. Gibson (left), scientific pilot, and Jerry P. Carr (right), commander, at the other end of the orbital workshop on February 1, 1974. Also in The Frame are parts of three space suits, used in several EVA sessions during the third and final mission to the Skylab space station.

Skylab 4 launched on November 16, 1973. Pogue, Gibson, and Carr were the first all-novice crew since Gemini 8 in 1966. The crew continued the scientific program started by the two previous Skylab machines, including biomedical research on the effects of long-duration spaceflight on the human body, Earth observations using the Earth Resources Experiment Package, and solar observations with instruments mounted on the Apollo Telescope mount. Added to his scientific program were observations of Comet Kohoutek, discovered earlier this year and predicted to make its closest approach to the Sun in December.

View an overview of Skylab’s legacy as an important step toward the successful construction and operation of the International Space Station and future long-duration human missions to asteroids, Mars, and other destinations.

Image credit: NASA/William R. Pogue

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