AI-generated ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ parodies are flooding Instagram and TikTok | Trending Viral hub


The mixture of the real and the unreal could explain why some falseendurance race Followers get very passionate about what they see on their feeds. Michael says he “lives for the overreactions of fans” who believe his creations are real people. He says people often ask him for a queen’s real Instagram name.

“I also occasionally get hateful comments from someone who says I’m taking jobs away from real drag queens,” he says. As an illustrator, Michael says he’s aware “that AI is coming for my work,” but he doesn’t believe his Instagram passion project is taking money away from humans. “If someone doesn’t go to the club and tip a real drag queen because she watched AI Drag Race, that’s a problem with the person and not my Drag Race,” he says.

More from Fantasy Drag Race says he’s also gotten into trouble with other creators in group chats, after questioning how seriously they were taking the whole process. “I am a queer, non-binary Mexican living in upstate New York,” she explains. “Having someone say that my drag competition isn’t to their liking or that some look I made is ugly won’t affect me at all.” Still, he says, it’s understandable that people become emotionally attached to his work.

Unfortunately, that guy Attachment also comes with a sense of impending fear, since the whole idea of endurance race It’s a play on a great franchise. While some creators argue that what they are doing is a parody, posting what Grimmelmann says are “almost completely useless” (or perhaps pointless) absolving copyright disclaimers on their main Instagram page, others acknowledge who are probably building their following on shaky ground. .

Several accounts, including one that exclusively featured Disney characters, have already been removed from Instagram, giving creators who only use animated or existing characters more than a little pause. “I’m really afraid of getting knocked down,” Haus says of Dreg’s Boopy. “But if I did, so be it. I mean, what could I do?

“I make sure I don’t do anything to sexualize the characters and I don’t do anything to diminish their real tone,” adds Horror Drag Race’s Shayne. “I’m just fusing two mediums: terror and endurance race—And combine it into something that both sets of fans can enjoy.”

it’s not just endurance race Fans who enjoy the AI ​​experience don’t either. Mhi’ya Iman Le’Paige, a queen from season 16 of endurance race, I just took a look at the catwalk. which first originated in a series of AI-generated images. One of her sisters from season 16, Plane Jane, follows at least one of the AI ​​creators.

Official AI Drag Race’s Michael says that several queens reached out to ask them to use their fictional creations as inspiration, and one unnamed queen from an international franchise asked Michael to design her entire package of runway looks based only on his Carla Montecarlo images. “I feel like it’s just a matter of time,” Michael says, “before I watch TV and see something I rendered a year ago.”


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