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Alix Earle talked about the rumors that she was the reason why Braxton Berrios and his ex-girlfriend Sophia Culpo split into a end of year vlog on Thursday, December 28. The video, appropriately titled “2023 Tea,” broke down the situation with the Miami Dolphins player, 28, and his ex, 27, after Sophia accused Alix, 23, of making out with him on a Super Bowling Party.

In it videoAlix only referred to Braxton as an “NFL man” and Sophia as her “ex,” but she opened over Sophia’s claims that their relationship ended after the football player kissed someone else at an event. “We broke up after Duck Super Bowl weekend concert (in February) where he was seen kissing another girl,” he said in a TikTok story that has since been deleted. “Not bitter, in fact I know that this situation has been one of my greatest blessings. I wish everyone in this situation the best, including myself, which is why I’m here to share the truth so we can officially end all of this. All love.”

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alix denied the claims in his vlog. “(She) had been posting on her story saying that an NFL man cheated on her with me,” she said, via Page six. “He basically accuses me of being the homewrecker.” She went ahead and directly addressed the claim. “I know I didn’t kiss him or do anything with him at that party.” the social media star saying. “Unless you were going out “In March, I didn’t destroy your relationship.”

When Braxton and Sophia broke up, he took to social media to say that they had broken up before he started seeing Alix. “It was a good relationship; It was healthy and towards the end we had conversations like “we weren’t working out.” So when we broke up in January, that’s why. He had nothing to do with anything else. In fact, he had nothing to do with anyone else. And we just don’t work out, and that’s okay,’” he wrote on social media.

Later in the vlog, Alix said that Sophia finally came to her and apologized. She said they seemed to make peace, but then Sophia appeared on another podcast and spoke out about the cheating accusations, which angered the social media star. “When I heard this, I almost broke my phone in half because I thought, ‘I clearly said no, that didn’t happen and here you go again,’” Alix said. “At least give me the respect to have a conversation with me about it.”

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