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The Digital Markets Act (DMA) officially came into force in the EU last month. This means that large technology companies must begin to comply with this new regulation that aims to stimulate competition on the main platforms of these companies.

In AppleIn this case, one of the biggest results of the DMA has been allowing “alternative markets”, basically competitors to the App Store, on the iPhone.

What’s next for iPhone users in the EU

As The edge notes, there is currently only one alternative third-party marketplace on iOS that EU users can download: a business-to-business marketplace for corporations to distribute their own internal apps called Mobivention.

However, there is much more on the way.

Epic Games, the company behind the popular Battle Royale game fortnitehas already shared his plans will soon launch its own alternative marketplace for the iPhone.

In addition, Epic Games has announced that they would use this distribution model to achieve fortnite again on iOS for EU users. The game has been missing from Apple’s App Store for almost four years after the fortnite The iPhone developer and manufacturer had a very public fight over App Store fees and revenue-sharing models.

MacPaw’s SetApp is also next to the iPhone in the EU. Mac users may be familiar with SetApp, a sort of Netflix app for Mac. The subscription service charges $9.99 per month and allows users to download and use any of the more than 200 third-party Mac apps that are part of it. of their program while they are subscribed. SetApp plans to bring an iPhone-like iOS subscription service through its alternative marketplace.

However, as both TechCrunch and The edge Please note that an alternative market called Alternative store It will probably be the first to come to the iPhone.

AltStore leading the way

alternative store, by developer Riley Testut, has already existed for years as an “alternative marketplace” before the concept officially existed. Testut found a solution that allowed iPhone users anywhere in the world to download AltStore, basically installing it directly on their device via their PC or Mac. Testut found a creative way to make their public App Store alternative work on a iPhone without being distributed through Apple’s official App Store, similar to how companies install and use internal company apps on employees’ iOS devices.

AltStore comes with preloaded apps like Delta, Testut’s Nintendo emulator and a perfect example of apps that Apple would probably never approve for distribution on the App Store.

Testut’s AltStore is currently in the review process of Apple’s alternative marketplace and will be ready for launch as soon as Apple approves AltStore.

Once approved by Apple, AltStore will be available for “official” download in the EU. The alternative marketplace will have two apps ready for release: the aforementioned Delta gaming emulator, which will be available for free, and a clipboard manager called Clip.

Testut will require users to pay a small fee per Clip, and it appears that this app will be used to test a very new and unique mobile app subscription model. According to Testut, users will pay for Clip by pledging $1 or more through creator monetization platform Patreon.

Patreon allows creators to set up subscription models so their followers can pay a monthly monetary fee for exclusive content. According to Testut, AltStore will have Patreon directly integrated as its payment platform for paid apps. If everything works, Testut plans to allow other developers to distribute their own apps on the AltStore and monetize them using Patreon’s pledge model.

One thing that stops more alternative markets

With the DMA in place for about a month now, it may seem surprising that we haven’t yet seen a flood of alternative markets opening up on the iPhone for EU users.

However, there’s a good reason we haven’t seen it yet.

While announcing alternative markets, Apple also introduced a new “Basic technology fee” for developers looking to distribute through these App Store competitors. Instead of paying 15 to 30 percent of app revenue to Apple as they would on the App Store, developers will now pay 0 €.50 for each first annual installation of your app over 1 million downloads. This includes free apps, meaning that a developer who creates very popular free apps may owe Apple money for those downloads, a business cost that It never existed in Apple’s official App Store before. And any developer who wants to distribute apps through alternative marketplaces must comply with Apple’s new terms that include this fee.

The EU is already doing research Apple for these new terms and rates to see if they really violate the DMA.

Therefore, we will definitely see a number of alternative markets for iPhones in the EU soon. But based on the results of that EU investigation, we’ll have to wait and see how many actually show up.

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