An animated Xbox AI chatbot is in the works| Trending Viral hub

Microsoft is working on an Xbox AI chatbot for its gaming consoles, according to sources who spoke to The edge.

The purpose of this Xbox AI is not related to Microsoft’s work with ChatGPT, but rather is an AI avatar intended to handle support queries for Xbox customers. It’s part of the company’s broader plans to incorporate AI within Xbox and its related services.

What will the Xbox AI chatbot do?

The Xbox AI chatbot, internally called Xbox Virtual Support Agent, has access to Microsoft support materials related to the Xbox network and its environment, allowing it to answer queries and even handle game refund requests through the Microsoft support site.

Microsoft confirmed the existence of the chatbot to The Verge, stating that the AI ​​will be an animated character that will be able to search for Xbox support topics via voice or text. Additionally, the prototype simplifies and speeds up the process for players to find help with support issues by employing “natural language” and leveraging “information available on existing Xbox support pages.”

Starting with “How can I help you today?”, the Xbox chatbot can quickly respond to support queries ranging from console troubleshooting to paid subscription issue resolution.

While Xbox AI is still being tested and is far from a widespread release for gamers, this is just the beginning of Microsoft’s plans to incorporate AI into its flagship gaming console. The goal, according to sources who spoke to Verge, is to use AI for game creation, including AI-generated assets, environments, and NPCs.

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