Apple didn’t want comedian Jon Stewart to interview the FTC chairman on his podcast| Trending Viral hub

Comedian Jon Stewart just shared some very interesting information about the disputes he had with Apple during his tenure as host of the Apple TV+ show. The problem with Jon Stewart.

In Monday’s edition of The daily show On Comedy Central, Jon Stewart, who returned to host the show after leaving Apple TV+, interviewed FTC Chair Lina Khan.

The extensive interview with Khan covered numerous topics, but things got interesting when the topic came to AI. Stewart mentioned the AI ​​”arms race” between companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft and how these companies compete to see who becomes “the monopoly.”

Suddenly, Stewart spun around.

“I have to tell you, I wanted to have you on a podcast,” Stewart told Khan. “And Apple asked us not to do it.”

“They literally said, ‘Please don’t talk to her,'” Stewart continued before following up with a joke that he’s sure it had nothing to do with his work at the FTC.

Stewart went even further by adding that Apple would not allow its show on Apple TV+ to cover the topic of AI.

“They didn’t let us do even that stupid thing we just did in the first act about AI,” Stewart added, referring to a comedy segment earlier in the episode about AI. “What is that sensitivity? Why are they so afraid to even have these conversations in the public sphere?”

Khan did not answer those questions and focused more on how Stewart’s experience shows the danger of a few companies having so much power.

Why would Apple deny an invitation to the FTC?

Of course, we don’t have any official word from Apple, but we do have some ideas as to why the Cupertino-based tech giant wouldn’t want Stewart to give Khan a platform on its streaming network.

Before being nominated by President Joe Biden and confirmed as FTC Chairman in 2021, Khan was known for his work as an academic and advocate for reigning in Big Tech. Khan even produced a 400-page report for House Democrats detailing why big tech companies like Apple should be regulated and broken up.

Another possible reason? Apple was aware of the current administration’s investigation into the company for antitrust violations at the time. The US Department of Justice presented a antitrust lawsuit against Apple over the iPhone just last month.

While specific details about Stewart and Apple’s relationship are new, it was reported when the comedian walked away of its deal with Apple TV+ last year, disputes over content largely influenced the decision. In fact, at the time, Stewart reportedly told his staff that Apple executives specifically had a problem with episodes of the show that were in the works on topics like China and AI.

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