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Apple Vision Pro People have become more realistic, with a new (beta) feature the company calls Space People.

Until now, Personas, which are semi-3D visual representations of the Vision Pro user, appeared on FaceTime calls made inside the headset and simply stayed in front of you. But with Space Personas, avatars can be freely placed in a space; so you can have several people chatting around a coffee table.

The feature became available with visionOS 1.1 at the end of March.

Space people will appear positioned differently depending on what you’re doing on the FaceTime call; If you are watching a movie together, other participants will line up next to you, but if you are playing with SharePlay, they will appear in front of you. However, you can move them freely around space by pinching and dragging.

Some people had the opportunity to test the feature before its release. Ray Wong of Inverse He noted that Space People feel much more realistic, with the ability to sit or stand and have realistic eye contact.

web video producer Marques Brownlee He noted that the floating head is “a little strange looking,” but that the feature provides the ability to interact with the same content as another person in real time.

It also seems like the new Personas now look a little better overall, which is important since the initial version left a lot to be desired.

To enable the feature, tap the Person button during a FaceTime call (see instructions on Apple’s website). There are limitations. Up to five participants at a time can use Space Personas. You’ll need visionOS 1.1 or later, and at least two people on the call will need to have an Apple Vision Pro.


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