Are you getting shocked over your electricity bills? We want to hear about it.| Trending Viral hub

Improvements in outdated utility equipment and efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have combined to increase electricity costs across the country, with the national average increasing from year to year.

As a business reporter for the New York Times, I’ve been investigating the impact of rising electricity costs on consumers’ bills. with my colleague Madeleine NgoI recently examined how higher rates have strained budgets of low-income consumers, many of whom cannot afford clean energy technologies such as solar panels and electric vehicles.

We’re planning more stories about the rising cost of energy and how it’s affecting people across the country. How expensive has it become to keep the lights on? What impact are electricity rates having on household budgets? What steps are people taking to reduce their bills?

And we need your help. Electricity bills show exactly what consumers pay for electricity. If you have an electric bill that surprised you, we’d love to review it. I will read each response to this questionnaire and may contact you to learn more about your story and possibly include it in a future article. I won’t post any part of your response without talking to you first. I will not share your contact information outside of the Times newsroom and will not use it for any purpose other than to contact you.

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