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In a recent disclosure to the SEC, Bakkt, a notable entity in the digital asset space, revealed its financial difficulties, highlighting a cash shortage that may hamper its operations over the next year. This revelation comes amid its efforts to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape in the cryptosphere.

The digital asset company, which previously partnered with heavyweights like Starbucks and Mastercard, and shares origins with the entity behind the New York Stock Exchange, made it known through a filing to the SEC that its financial reserve may not be sufficient to support its operational needs for the next twelve months. This announcement marks a significant change from its previous projection, made during a phase of ambitious international expansion plans.

There is significant uncertainty associated with our expansion into new markets and the growth of our revenue base given the rapidly evolving environment associated with crypto assets.

Originally launched in 2018 by Intercontinental Exchange, the same conglomerate that owns the New York Stock Exchange, Bakkt embarked on a journey as cryptocurrency platform. Its initial strategy focused on facilitating the use of digital currencies through collaborations with renowned brands. Bakkt, which entered the public domain in 2021 through a SPAC merger, was valued at $2.1 million and introduced a digital wallet that aimed to consolidate Bitcoin among other digital assets, with partnerships with prominent brands.

A change in strategy: from company to company to consumer

However, Bakkt’s approach has evolved since then. Moving away from a direct-to-consumer approach, he has focused on offering cryptocurrency trading and custody services primarily to financial institutions and fintech companies. This strategic realignment, described as a “business-to-business-to-consumer” model, aims to integrate cryptographic solutions in their customers’ ecosystems, improving the commerce experience.

Despite this turn, Bakkt continued to engage with the consumer market. By acquiring Apex Crypto and rebranding it as Bakkt Crypto Solutions, its goal was to enrich its service offering, leveraging the liquidity and relationships of the trading platform. However, this measure was followed by the exclusion of several cryptocurrenciesincluding notable names like Solana and Cardano, due to regulatory uncertainties regarding their classification as unregistered securities.

Bakkt’s ambition was not limited to restructuring its service offering; It also ventured to expand its operations internationally, with a special focus on regions such as Latin America and Asia. However, this expansion comes with its own set of challenges and uncertainties, particularly in the wake of the broader slowdown in the crypto market and the consequences of major players like FTX.

The financial disclosure to the SEC underscores Bakkt’s recognition of increased risks and uncertainties, exacerbated by a change in its business model and the volatile state of the cryptocurrency market. The company has openly admitted the need for additional financing to face the next year, amid the fall in share prices, which experienced a Dramatic drop of almost 90% over the past yearwhose value continues to fall after the announcement of its financial problems.

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