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TL;DR: Starting December 30, get a Rosetta Stone lifetime subscription (25 languages) for only $159.97 with code ROSETTE.

Have you started thinking about your New Year’s resolutions for 2024? If self-improvement is on your list, maybe it’s finally time to learn that language you’ve always wanted to master! Whether you have big travel ambitions and want to learn the native language or have always wanted to learn a certain language, Rosetta Stone has been trusted for almost 30 years and has become a language learning tool that fits even the busiest schedules.

As 2023 comes to a close, be sure to take advantage of the year-end savings and get a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone, including all 25 languages ​​offered by this language learning service, for just $159.97. That’s $240 off the regular price as long as you use the coupon code ROSETTE and purchase before January 1st.

Choose from Spanish, German, Arabic, Japanese, Swedish and 20 other languages. Lifetime access means you could even learn them all, while tackling bite-sized lessons and taking advantage of Progressive learning structure that focuses on practical topics such as purchasing, ordering and important travel terminology. You would need to know, like taking a taxi.

Rosetta Stone’s immersive training method aims to simulate how you first learned your native language, by having you match words with images. Then, cutting-edge voice recognition technology works to ensure you sound like a local, giving you instant feedback as she listens to your real words and coaches you on pronunciation. Once you dive in, you’ll quickly see why major organizations like NASA and Calvin Klein have come to trust Rosetta Stone.

Crushable Offers

Learn something new in 2024 with a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone including all languages ​​for only $159.97 (regular: $399) with coupon code ROSETTE until January 1 at 11:59 pm PT.

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