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Maybe you are absolutely I don’t know what to give your boyfriend.or you don’t know what to do since apparently love languages ​​are falseor maybe you want to treat yourself to some discounted food just because; Either way, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and these gift card deals are a great last-minute gift idea.

We know gift cards get a bad rap as a phone gift, and they don’t exactly scream romance, but hear us out. What’s more romantic to you: a random box of chocolates where the recipient will enjoy perhaps 70% of the flavors, or a gesture that says, “Here’s some time for your week, enjoy this delivered food (or ingredients) right to your door?” For us, grabbing a instacart, Uber eatseither DoorDash The gift card seems like the obvious answer (at least as an accompaniment to the chocolates).

And since all of these gift cards are digital, there’s no need to worry because it’s already February 12, just two days away from the holiday. Or, if you’re not interested in celebrating them, you’ll have access to your discounted funds immediately after purchase. To learn more about the terms of each of these gift card offers, check out our picks below:

Best for Groceries: Instacart Gift Card

Because we like it

In the middle of a busy week, Instacart may seem like a great idea — until you enter your grocery order and see that, with fees and tips, it’s at least $20 more than if you actually went to the store. Giving away $100 for free (and saving $15 yourself) helps solve that exact problem. This offer on Amazon only applies to gift cards valued at $100 and is limited to one per customer. Remember to use the code. GROCERY at checkout to get the savings.

Crushable Offers

Best for Food Delivery: DoorDash

Because we like it

DoorDash lets you get virtually any meal you can think of delivered to local restaurants, and with this PayPal promotion you can get up to two gift cards for $10 off each. That means you can give one, keep one, or keep both and pocket $200 in DoorDash credits with a $20 discount.

Best for food delivery and ridesharing: Uber

Because we like it

Best Buy It has Uber and Uber Eats gift cards for up to 10% off, and the good news is that they both work for food and walks. You have a little more flexibility here than in the other two offerings. You can get a $100 Uber or Uber Eats gift card for just $90, or $25 of the same two options for $22.50. You’re limited to three of each type of gift card and each rating, so if you buy three of each, you could buy 12 gift cards in total, although all the money will eventually go to your Uber wallet.

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