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Legos know no limits in terms of creativity, imagination or age. However, the price of a Lego set may seem restrictive. But thanks to these great deals on Amazon, you could be the last owner of some of the best-selling games without paying full price. Here are some of our favorite deals on Lego sets today.

Today’s best Lego set deals on Amazon

A box of classic Lego pieces on a white background.

Lego set on a bonsai tree with cherry blossoms on a white background.

A Lego set of Disney's Princess Moana with her ship.

Lego succulents on a white background

Spring break is coming up in just a few weeks, which means kids will probably need some extra entertainment that doesn’t involve screen time. If your kids (or you) enjoy building Lego sets, whether from instructions or a huge box of every Lego you can imagine, Amazon is having a great sale on these plastic blocks that bring us so much joy. Whether you’re shopping for kids, for yourself, or already thinking about Mother’s Day, here are some Lego sets on sale at a big discount.

Best Lego box deal

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Consider this the unlimited option when it comes to Legos. This Classic large creative brick box It has 790 pieces that cover 33 different colors. You’ll get eight types of toy windows and doors, plus two green base plates needed for any build. This set is perfect for any home just starting out with a Lego collection or the home that has seen a lot of Legos come through the door but has no idea where most of them have gone.

Lego’s best spring sale

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It may still be wintery outside where you live, but spring is on its way and with it comes cherry blossoms. These delicate and beautiful flowers are fleeting, but with the Lego Icons Bonsai Tree, you can have cherry blossoms at home all year round. The Bonsai Tree set comes with two sets of leaves so you can change them according to the seasons or as you see fit. The cherry blossom set uses various shades of pink, while the classic green leaves look amazing with the wooden slatted planter. If you’re ready for spring today, introduce a Lego cherry blossom tree to your home.

The best Lego offer for children

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All Moana fans have recently received the news that moana 2 It will be out this November. Ahead of expectations, you can create your own catamaran with the Lego Disney Princess Moana Guidance Boat for only $28 thanks to this offer on Amazon. Featuring figures of Moana herself and her mother Sina, the 321-piece set depicts Moana’s incredible guiding ship with a sail that tells the story of Motunui. Lego rates this set as best for kids ages six and up.

The best Lego deal for gardeners

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Not all garden enthusiasts have indoor plants. Whether it’s allergies or pets that prevent you from decorating your home with live plants, this Lego Succulent Icons The set is a great eco-friendly addition to your home. In addition, it has the advantage of not needing irrigation. The 771-piece set includes nine different succulents and each has its own container. Display them all together to create a succulent garden or spread them out to enjoy each room.

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