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Bitcoin revolutionized the idea of ​​money. The experiment also transformed blockchain assets after its debut in 2009. However, four years later, the cryptocurrency market saw the launch of the first same corner – Dogecoin. This launch marked a crucial moment in the cryptocurrency market.

However, other meme tokens were launched after Doge. This influx enhanced the value, popularity, and demand for these unique digital tokens. Some of these meme coins have become millionaires, while others are close to it. This article lists some of the three best meme coins today. Includes a unique token: Dogeverse.

Best Meme Coins to Buy Now

Today’s look at the best meme tokens to buy includes Neko, DeFrogs, and Shiba Fronks. We also examine a new token, 99Bitcoins, making waves in the cryptocurrency market. We will analyze their market trends, recent developments, and other factors contributing to the upward movement of these meme coins.

While several of the top 100 cryptocurrencies struggle with significant drops, the ability to excel during market crashes emphasizes the strength of the Dogeverse community and its potential. The new meme coin surpassed the $5 million mark today in pre-sale. Investors can participate in the project during its early stages before its launch.

1. Neko (NEKO)

Neko is a deflationary meme coin launched on the Ethereum blockchain. It was developed as the first community token in the NEAR ecosystem to empower creators. The main objective of the token is to encourage the adoption of the NEAR protocol. Additionally, Neko aims to unite the crypto community by offering education and support.

The project team includes professionals who built the NEAR protocol platform. Leveraging this wealth of experience, the team aims to position Neko as one of the best meme tokens. Additionally, the community-focused project has more than 150,000 followers.

Neko Price Chart

Additionally, Neko is a decentralized universal money market that offers interest-free lending services. It also provides inter-chain transfer rights through local chain loan credits and reserve pools. The token achieves this through Funding Pools, creating passive income in NEKO tokens. Its main utilities include lending, liquidity, and supply, all facilitated by the Neko Core DApp.

However, NEKO seeks to provide value and security to token holders. To do this, it reduces the allocation of tokens to its core teams. This community prioritization allows everyone to earn tokens through staking and NFTs. Additionally, several utilities and integrations have been launched, including leading projects on NEAR. These projects aim to encourage greater active participation in the expanding NEAR community.

Additionally, Neko revealed its acquisition of the BabyAI protocol. This integration facilitates the use of the NEAR Protocol technology stack within the Solana ecosystem. This acquisition expands Neko’s user base to Ethereum, Solana and Arbitrum.

Furthermore, Neko showed a 35.93% price increase in 24 hours to 0.000678. More impressive is that the price has increased by 48% in the last seven days. Furthermore, it has recorded 25 green days in the last 30 and is trading above the 200-day SMA.

2. Defrogs (DEFROGS)

DeFrogs, an innovative ERC-404 project, is the first ERC-404 PFP token. It is also the first ERC-404 meme token in the Ethereum ecosystem. DeFrogs aims to simplify and improve the process of airdropping tokens to numerous addresses. The token also allows users to automate the distribution of tokens to multiple addresses. It allows them to send these tokens based on specific criteria.

Additionally, DeFrogs, created by “Dalt Wisney”, has a unique collection of 10,000 NFTs. These NFTs are PFPs inspired by DeGods and Pepe-l. DeFrogs’ integration of meme culture and ERC-404 has attracted a growing and devoted community. Additionally, DeFrogs was launched via a fair launch on Uniswap. 80% of its supply was added to the liquidity pool. Notably, only 1% of $DeFrogs is listed on Opensea. Likewise, the contract has been verified and audited.

DeFrogs Price Chart

The project started its pod on PeapodsFinance to offer its users more utilities. This pDFROGS allows users to earn a return on their #DEFROGS and add liquidity to earn even more return on PEAS. Through its close collaboration with ERC 404 developers, the token remains dedicated to developing and improving utility for its users.

Additionally, SyncSwap 404 Wrapper is currently operational on zkSync. This exchange allows users to convert their NFTs into 404 fungible tokens. It allows them to swap and bundle them in SyncSwap and more. The launch of SyncSwap substantially improves liquidity and expands utility in multiple ways. Users benefit from zero transaction fees, instant trading capabilities, and opportunities to earn money through liquidity pools.

DeFrogs recently announced a strategic partnership with EcoSapiensXYZ. This collaboration allows select DeFrog holders to earn $CARB in the upcoming EfoSapiens $CARB airdrop. This collaboration has positioned DeFrogs among the few tokens associated with EcoSapiensXYZ. It also caused the price of the token to rise more than 100% after its announcement.

Notably, DeFrogs is trading at $288.30. It shows a 2.87% price increase in the last 24 hours and a 19.66% increase in the last seven days. It has also published 20 green data in the previous 30 days.


Dogeverse is an innovative project that aims to unite multiple blockchains. The token seeks to create a unified space for market participants and investors. It is inspired by Cosmo, the Doge token that unites Ethereum and Solana. Consequently, Dogeverse allows its holders to cross multiple crypto chains seamlessly.

Additionally, the token has become listed on multiple decentralized (DEX) and centralized exchanges (CEX). It also seeks to build an active community of meme lovers and cryptocurrency investors. As Dogeverse continues to expand its multi-chain utility, the team behind Cosmo continues to develop innovative concepts.

Furthermore, its pre-sale bid surpassed the $5 million mark of its current target of $5,264,055. As it gets closer to its goal, it continues to see growing interest in the market. This sentiment signals a potential opportunity for investors to enter the pre-sale now at 0.000295. Additionally, the token allows staking and promises a high APY.

However, this opportunity is limited, especially considering the upcoming price increase tomorrow. Additionally, Dogeverse integrates the VAX purchase option on its website. This integration allows users to transact through Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, and Avalanche. In addition, it has also announced that the Base and Solana options will be added.

Visit the Dogeverse pre-sale

4. Front (FRONTO)

Fronk, an innovative initiative on the Solana blockchain, combines meme culture with NFTs and DAOs. It was created to address perceived inequalities within the Solana ecosystem, focusing on equity and inclusion to correct biases and ensure fair distribution of rewards.

Furthermore, Fronk has garnered a lot of interest and stands out as Solana’s main meme coin. Focuses on DAO, NFT and community building. The token also offers several utilities by leveraging the Solano ecosystem. Some of these utilities include farming and participating in decentralized exchanges.

However, a future utility listed on Fronk’s Twitter page is FrogCouncil. It will allow token holders to vote on important decisions related to the future of the token. Additionally, FrogMind AI will provide users with access to advanced artificial intelligence functionalities. Additionally, FrogFi intends to provide lending opportunities to increase user returns within the FRONK ecosystem.

Fronk Price Chart

Consequently, Fronk announced a partnership with a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform. The collaboration integrates Fronk tokens into the DeFi ecosystem. This integration strengthens liquidity and expands the utility of the token.

The Fronk has soared more than 400% in the last seven days. It also outperformed 97% of the top 100 crypto assets, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is trading 535.94% above the 200-day SMA. The token price is $0.0000001432, up 5% in 24 hours at the time of writing.

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