Bluesky now has 2 million users and there are big plans ahead| Trending Viral hub

X rival and social media platform Blue sky It now has more than 2 million users, like Announced by the team on Thursday. One year later its creationThe Jack Dorsey-backed app marked the milestone by detailing its pending plan to create a “truly open social network” and adding a major Twitter feature.

Bluesky, a decentralized social media app, is set to add a public web interface, meaning users will be able to view posts without logging into an account; Bluesky currently still requires an invitation code to register on their platform. It’s a replica of what was once a core feature of Twitter/X, and something that Owner Elon Musk has come and gone about.

The company also said its “top priority” is its federation phasewhich will allow people to set up their own servers using Bluesky’s open source network. AT protocol, with the intention of giving more power and control to users over their own online spaces. Ultimately, users will be able to connect to anyone using the AT protocol, which could have an infinite variety of applications.

“This is one of the main features of Bluesky that makes it ‘billionaire-proof’: you will always have the freedom to choose (and exit) instead of being subject to the whims of private companies or black-box algorithms.” read Bluesky’s blog post. “And wherever you go, your friends and your relationships will be there too.”

More features coming to the platform include push notifications for your phone, user lists, follow suggestions, 24A verification via email, more thread rating preferences, improved loading time, and accessibility updates including improved alt text, flickering screen and component labels.

By making publications more accessible and adding more features, Bluesky seems determined to reach larger audiences and accelerate growth, giving it a greater chance of being truly successful. an alternative to Musk’s X. The platform has seen record registrations along with changes to X: in September, when Musk announced that all users would face a small monthly payment, thousands of users joined Bluesky.

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