Breastfeeding Videos Can Now Be Monetized on YouTube: Here’s Why| Trending Viral hub

YouTube creators who uploaded breastfeeding videos couldn’t monetize their content, until now. The video-sharing platform is easing restrictions on who is qualified to make money from its YouTube Partner Program.

As TechCrunch As reported by YouTube, it updated its policy to allow users to collect revenue from videos depicting breastfeeding. However, there are conditions.

What breastfeeding videos can be monetized on YouTube?

If a creator wants to monetize their breastfeeding videos, they must meet the following requirements:

  • A child must be present.

  • Creators’ nipples may be uncovered or visible as long as they are breastfeeding or demonstrating breast pump use.

  • The content has to include contextual reference to breastfeeding, such as a child about to breastfeed or active breastfeeding

In other words, creators can show their areolas, but YouTube will only allow monetization if there is a baby in the scene and there is relevance to the topic of breastfeeding.

Why did YouTube change its mind?

YouTube heard from users who said breastfeeding videos are helpful for parents looking for guidance on how to navigate the first days of parenting.

“We heard feedback that for many parents, breastfeeding videos are a helpful resource as they navigate this stage of parenthood,” a YouTube spokesperson told TechCrunch. “We hope these changes can give all creators more room to share this type of content with eligibility.” for advertising revenue.”

Now that YouTube is loosening its grip on breastfeeding content, we should see more creators releasing educational content to give new parents the tools they need to approach parenthood.

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