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Eating out has become ridiculously expensive. Have you seen the price of a fast food hash brown lately? Jump scared. That’s why it makes so much sense to invest in a good fryer. Make your chicken finger fantasies come true on a chicken nuggets budget. Breville smart ovens are our favorite air fryers and right now Amazon has a variety of them for 20 percent off. The sale also includes an indoor pizza oven if you want to kick the late-night delivery app habit.

Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer $279 (was $349)

Sure, you can place a basket full of curly fries in this suction cup and air fry them to perfection, but the Breville Smart Oven can do so much more. You can grill, bake, toast, simmer or heat. It even has a dedicated cookie mode if you fancy a snickerdoodle. It’s a large countertop oven, so you could cook a whole chicken inside if you wanted. Or just buy a rotisserie chicken at Costco and then invite some people over for dinner. When you take out the chicken, everyone will totally believe you did it.

Pizzaiolo with Breville smart oven $799 (was $999)

Yes, it’s still an upfront cost, but this unique pizza oven is a truly unique addition to your kitchen. It can quickly reach up to 750 degrees, meaning you can cook a typical pizza in less than two minutes. Plus, the oven lets you modify its cooking settings, so you can make thin crust, Detroit-style, Sicilian, or even Cincinnati-style (which is a regular pizza, but has a bunch of spaghetti and chili on top). .

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