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Nina Jankowicz forms new group to defend research into disinformation | Trending Viral hub

[ad_1] Two years ago, Nina Jankowicz briefly led a Department of Homeland Security agency created to fight disinformation, the establishment of which sparked a political and legal battle about the government’s role in policing lies and other harmful online content that continues to resonate. Now she has re-entered the fray …

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Generative AI comes to the world of CRISPR gene editing | Trending Viral hub

[ad_1] Generative AI technologies can write poetry and computer programs or create images of teddy bears and cartoon character videos that looks like something out of a Hollywood movie. Now, new artificial intelligence technology is generating blueprints for microscopic biological mechanisms that can edit your DNA, pointing to a future …

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States move to ban fake nudity to combat sexually explicit images of minors | Trending Viral hub

[ad_1] Caroline Mullet, a ninth-grader at Issaquah High School near Seattle, attended her first homecoming dance last fall, a James Bond-themed party with blackjack tables attended by hundreds of girls dressed in blackjack dresses. party. A few weeks later, she and other students learned that a classmate was circulating fake …

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AI-generated child sexual abuse material can overwhelm tip line | Trending Viral hub

[ad_1] A new flood of child sexual abuse material created by artificial intelligence threatens to overwhelm authorities already held back by outdated technology and laws, according to a new report released Monday by Stanford University’s Internet Observatory. Over the past year, new artificial intelligence technologies have made it easier for …

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