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You are used to seeing content on your televisions screen, but have you ever thought about looking? through the screen? Wait, listen to us.

Announced in CES 2024, LG Signature OLED T, the company’s new OLED TV, is almost completely transparent. And it’s not just a prototype; according The edgeis very close to a final product that customers will be able to purchase sometime in 2024.

The LG Signature OLED T has a 77-inch screen that essentially consists of two main parts: the transparent display panel and a contrast filter behind it, which can be lowered or raised to turn the Signature OLED T into a “regular” TV. “.

LG Signature OLED T

However, you will have to start taking care of what is behind your television.
Credit: LG

In addition to looking great in transparent mode, this TV offers certain advantages that normal TVs do not offer. For example, it can blend seamlessly into your decor and almost become a living sculpture that’s interesting to look at even when you’re not actively viewing content. The TV also comes with a number of software widgets optimized for the transparent screen.

We suspect this TV will probably find a place in museums and lobbies of elegant office buildings. After all, it doesn’t even have LG’s brightness-enhancing Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology found in LG’s G-series OLED TVs. There’s no word on pricing, although LG definitely plans to launch the Signature OLED T sometime this year.

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