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Wearables that track your steps are nothing new, but what about a wearable that tracks as Your step?

In CES 2024Evolve MVMT sleepless a wearable ankle that tracks the quality of your steps and helps you improve your gait over time. Evolve MVMT, which claims to be the first of its kind, uses patented tracking technology to analyze heel strike (the act of landing hard on your heels), which is hard on your joints and can cause certain injuries.

As someone with flat feet, this is something I am painfully aware of and am not the only one. According to a 2017 study, nearly 27 percent of people have fallen arches or flat floaters. Whether it’s walking on hard surfaces all the time or wearing shock-absorbing sneakers, we’ve evolved to be bad at walking. Basically, many of us are guilty of heel striking, and although walking is one of the most basic activities humans perform, many of us do it wrong. Evolve MVMT uses a technique developed by founder and physiotherapist Luke Pickett called “light walking” to minimize heel strike and make walking more efficient.

Evolve MVMT wearable on a man's ankle

Wearable on your ankles? Why not.
Credit: Evolve MVMT

Evolve MVMT works by performing a walk test to measure your baseline. From there, the app will give you live guidance on how to improve your steps. The idea is that over time, practicing “light walking” will activate the right muscles and make walking more beneficial. In studies conducted at the Cleveland Clinic and Monash University, patients reportedly burned 36 percent more calories when using the Evolve MVMT technique.

Evolve MVMT application on a smartphone

Track the quality of your steps through the app.
Credit: Evolve MVMT

If reducing joint stress, improving posture, and burning more calories sounds good to you, the Evolve MVMT is available for pre-order now and will ship on January 9. That being said, improving your gait isn’t cheap. The device and accessories cost $499. But if you’ve ever had to pay for expensive braces or special footwear, which then need to be replaced every few years, this could be a solid alternative.

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