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Artificial intelligence continues to make headlines, from FCC bans AI spoofed voices in robocalls, to Paul McCartney using AI to create the last song by the beatles. AI also has a presence in Sunday’s Super Bowl. He appears in some of the famous commercials that air during the Kansas City Chiefs-San Francisco 49ers game.

Some ads highlight how AI helps their products, others use AI to create their ads, and at least one makes fun of AI. Here’s a look at AI-related announcements. And check out our summary of All the Super Bowl ads you can watch now.

Microsoft co-pilot: ‘Look at me’

Microsoft’s “Watch Me” commercial promotes Microsoft Copilot, the company’s AI assistant found in Windows 11, and raises the idea that AI will replace artists and creatives. In this ad, people turn to AI to help them complete their movie, video game, or study for a chemistry test.

Google Pixel 8: ‘Javier in the picture’

We live in an era focused on selfies and camera phones, but you may have never thought about how visually impaired people can take photos. Google introduces an accessibility feature called Guided framework for your Pixel 8 smartphone, using Google AI to alert you when and how many faces are in the frame. Blind director Adam Morse, with a final voiceover by blind singer-songwriter and musician Stevie Wonder, explains his feature in his Super Bowl ad.

CrowdStrike: ‘The Future’

Cybersecurity company CrowdStrike travels to the Old West in an ad showing how it uses AI for security. When creepy Star Wars-looking robots try to attack the city, a lone woman armed with CrowdStrike’s AI-powered cybersecurity he turns them off quickly.

Etsy: ‘Gift Mode’

Ah, it’s always a good time to (gently) make fun of the French. In Etsy’s Super Bowl ad, Americans who are about to receive the Statue of Liberty use Etsy’s AI-powered gift mode to decide what to give to their French friends. Spoiler: it’s cheese.

Avocados from Mexico: ‘Guac-AI-Mole’ site

Aguacates de México has some of the funniest Super Bowl ads in recent years. (In 2015, a college football draft parody showed Australia drafting the kangaroo, the United States opting for wheat and Mexico, of course, avocados). The company won’t have a Super Bowl ad this year, but its website is promoting “Guac-AI-mole“, where AI generates guacamole recipes based on information submitted by users.

Body Armor: ‘Forgery Field’

There is also at least one ad that uses AI purely to mock the concept. If you’ve watched enough AI-assisted videos, you’ll know that some can be disturbingly bad, with creepy voiceovers and, obviously, fake humans and creatures. BodyArmor, the Coca-Cola-owned sports drink, addresses that aspect of AI, throwing out random lines that sound like AI, like “Teammate Trust Tackle Ball” and showing a football player shooting a basketball on the playing field. . The commercial then teases: “Artificial? No!” and proclaims that “nothing in sport should be artificial” before mentioning the “real sweeteners, real flavors” of its drinks.

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