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When I decided to review Corsair Xeneon FlexI wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve used curved monitors before, but the ability to go from flat to flexible and back again? That intrigued me, but as someone relatively new to the world of external monitors, I wasn’t convinced that the novelty of having a monitor that could flex to an 800r radius would make the $1,999 price tag worth it.

First impressions of the Corsair Xeneon Flex

Right away, this monitor blew me away. I was hoping to plug it in, play around with the curve, play a couple of videos, and try to increase the frame rate. But when I plugged it into my gaming PC for the first time and saw the panel light up, I was completely floored.

Grasp the handle of the monitor with your hand to fold the screen.

Look at that curve.
Credit: RJ Andersen/Mashable

To put it in context, I’ve seen plenty of good-looking 4K OLED displays in the past, but the Xenon Flex It boasts an unreal contrast ratio of 1.5 million to 1. I’ve never seen anything like it in person, and the colors are so incredibly vibrant that combining them with the ultra-wide 4K resolution almost backfires. When the image is still, the Xeneon Flex stops reading “monitor” and instead reads “high quality print” due to the cleanliness of the lines, the intensity of the colors and the high pixel density. When the video starts again, it takes almost a second for my brain to recalibrate, which makes the whole thing a phenomenal experience.

What I love about the Corsair Xeneon Flex monitor

There’s a lot to love about Corsair’s Xeneon Flex. In person, these colors are unlike any monitor I’ve seen before. They are vibrant, precise and have an extremely deep contrast ratio. I could definitely see people doing design work or editing videos professionally on a monitor like this, but I’d almost worry that the reality would pale in comparison.

Side by side gaming on curved monitor and flat monitor

Games look amazing whether the monitor is curved or flat.
Credit: RJ Andersen/Mashable

The 240Hz refresh rate creates a smooth experience, to the point that I even had trouble pushing my gaming rig that far, even on my Nvidia RTX 3090. For games that require fast reaction times, this monitor should never be a bottleneck.

Plus, the 45-inch wraparound curve puts you right inside your favorite games, but flipping it back to its flat orientation gives you an attractive, minimalist monitor that’s great for watching 4K movies. I loved locking the monitor into its 800r curved orientation to play some video games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Hitman 3both beautiful games, but this monitor took those visuals to a new level.

Wide monitor in flat position with screen off.

This monitor has a sleek look and the 45-inch screen is incredibly impressive.
Credit: RJ Andersen/Mashable

What I don’t like about this monitor

Honestly, there’s not much I can criticize here. Curving this monitor for the first time was stressful and every instinct in my body was screaming, “No, don’t break this expensive monitor!” However, once I discovered the right amount of force needed, and that adding a hand to the base for stabilization helps make flexing the monitor easier, that stopped being an issue.

I will say that the default color profile in Flex is strange. It’s too cold and everything has a bluish tone. However, when I opened the picture settings and simply reset the RGB values ​​to 100 (the raw, full power of the panel), the picture was excellent. I was surprised, but the panel itself was perfectly fitted out of the box and I’m not sure why Corsair felt the need to change it.

The price is worth it?

It’s impossible for me to recommend such an expensive monitor for the average consumer, so if you’re just watching movies, casually gaming, or checking emails, you’ll probably want to skip this one and opt for something with a lower price and a less intense refresh rate. .

That said, if you’re a die-hard monitor enthusiast, or a gamer who really values ​​a perfect, vibrant, incredibly beautiful display, Corsair Xeneon Flex It’s the complete package, so much so that I’m currently trying to figure out how to save up for one.

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