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Crypto Gains is excited to present a meme coin opportunity that could generate significant gains right off the bat, with expectations of at least a 10 to 100x increase.

Lately, coins memes They are the stars of the cryptocurrency world and generate a lot of excitement for investors. Today, Dogecoin leads the pack, rising 10% in price and surpassing the $0.21 milestone.

On the other hand, the next-generation meme coin Dogecoin20 rose to over $10 million during its first week of pre-sale. Now, all eyes are on its release on April 20 during Doge Day.

Dogecoin20: Last chance to participate before DEX launch

Dogecoin20 has quickly raised $10 million in just over a week, making it the most talked about meme coin on the market. Investors now have one last chance to join its pre-sale before its launch on decentralized exchanges (DEX) on April 20.

During pre-sale, Dogecoin20 is priced at $0.00022, but once it hits exchanges, its value will be determined by supply and demand. This could mean a higher price for those who miss out on the initial offer. For complete instructions on how to buy $DOGE20Check out our detailed guide.

On April 20, also known as 4/20, meme coin enthusiasts celebrate International Doge Day, which typically increases interest in meme coins. This date is important because it is rumored to be Elon Musk’s favorite day. Musk’s influence has been instrumental in Dogecoin’s success in 2021.

International Doge Day has historically sparked a surge of excitement in the cryptocurrency market, with Dogecoin rising over 50% in anticipation in 2023. With the next Doge Day approaching in less than a month, there is growing anticipation for another wave of meme coin frenzy. .

Dogecoin20 will launch on DEX that day, providing a timely opportunity for new investors to join the market during the peak of excitement. Although the full potential of Dogecoin20 remains to be seen, its notable pre-sale performance and its link to Dogecoin indicate a promising future.

Dogecoin20 Staking Rewards

Dogecoin20 has introduced a new staking feature, allowing token holders to stake their tokens and win Passive income. Staking rewards are awarded based on each holder’s token percentage in the staking pool, meaning those with a higher staking percentage get more rewards.

The team has allocated a significant portion, 15% of the total supply of $DOGE20, for staking rewards over the next two years, and 12.5% ​​of this designated amount is scheduled to be distributed in the first year. This encourages early $DOGE20 bettors. In the second year, bets will still be rewarded, although at a slightly lower rate.

This ensures continued rewards for the community while adapting to changes in the ecosystem. At the moment, betting offers a remarkable 144% return for bettors. While this rate is expected to decrease as more people stake their tokens, it will still be significantly higher than the rewards for most proof-of-stake (PoS) tokens.

The goal of the high return rate is to encourage $DOGE20 stakers to hold onto their tokens longer, reducing selling pressure when the token is launched. The project website includes a rewards calculator for $DOGE20 bettors, which helps them estimate their potential winnings when staking.

Take a look at our $DOGE20 price prediction to obtain information about its future value.

Dogecoin20 Tokenomics and Roadmap

In the pre-sale, 25% of the total supply of $140 billion of DOGE20 will be available. Of what remains, 25% is reserved for marketing to attract active meme coin traders and ensure long-term supporters. This ensures visibility on major crypto platforms, which is important for growth and adoption.

Another 25% is saved for the Treasury to sustain and develop the project in the long term, providing resources for future plans and needs. 15% is given to Stake Rewards to encourage holders to help with network stability and growth while earning rewards and interacting with the community.

Lastly, 10% is reserved for DEX Liquidity, promoting a healthy and liquid ecosystem by allocating funds for decentralized exchange liquidity, improving trading and price stability.

The project has drawn up a roadmap with six stages to achieve its objectives. The first stage is dedicated to ensuring a successful pre-sale launch and initiating marketing activities. After this, the second stage will introduce the betting system and distribute rewards to the participants.

Stages three and four will see the launch of the decentralized exchange (DEX) and a token generation event (TGE), which will allow pre-sale investors to acquire their tokens. In the fifth stage, Dogecoin20 will launch its DEX liquidity pool to ensure smooth trading for users.

Finally, the sixth stage is future-oriented, focusing on establishing long-term participation rewards to ensure the sustainability of the project. The whitepaper suggests that new features may be introduced in the future to improve the utility of the token. To participate in the $DOGE20 pre-sale, visit


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