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As a father, I’ve found most baby-focused technology to be pretty clunky. Of bulky baby monitors to strollers that are difficult to handle, there just isn’t as much innovation as I expected when I was pregnant. Car seats also fall into this category, with layers of cushions that are just begging for juice and Cheerios stains to get lost in them, and ugly block colors that were invented specifically to irritate me.

Obviously, car seats aren’t just about looking cool. They serve to safely transport your child in the car and keep them safe in the event of an accident. But what I like about the Cybex Sirona S is that not only is it a little easier on the eyes, but it also has some innovative features, including a Bluetooth-powered smart buckle that ensures your child won’t be left behind. alone in the car.

Leaving your child in an unattended car can result in a hot car death. When I talked to a parent about trying this type of technology, he scoffed and talked about how rare these cases are and how parents should be more careful. while is strange-Kids and Car Safety reported 36 deaths in the US last year—It could easily happen to any parent and could just as easily be prevented with a little help from technology.

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The most impressive thing about this car seat is not the seat itself, but the powerful little buckle it has. The SensorSafe buckle is lightweight and discreet, and you’d only know it was a Bluetooth device by the little light-up symbol on it. You can track when the buckle is open or closed, how far your phone is from the buckle, and the temperature in your car.

SensorSafe is an independent company and is associated with Cybex and Evenflo to make car seats that use its buckle. Each company then creates its own app to pair with the device. The Cybex app is very clean and minimalist. After plugging in the car seat I’m using and connecting it via Bluetooth to my phone, the main page of the app shows nothing other than whether the car seat is online, the temperature in the car (which can only be read if online) and a list of my devices. You can add multiple Cybex devices to the same app and see them all there, or just one car seat like I had. You will also be asked to invite family members as emergency contacts if your child is left in the car.

The app also has a tab for manuals. It lists the car seats you’re using, based on what you’ve told the app, at the top, then manuals for a few different generations of SensorSafe, plus manuals for other Cybex car seat models on the bottom in case you’re in the mood to browse. I tested the SensorSafe 3, which differs from previous models in that it doesn’t require an in-car receiver to connect to your phone. There is a dongle version, but I tried the clip-only version. If you have a dongle model, read Adrienne So’s article. Evenflo Gold reviewwhere it talks about how to connect the receiver to the ODB-II port of your car.

But even without a dongle to connect to your computer, this car seat is an installation project. You have to look back at it to reveal the belt path, which was easy enough, but my husband and I didn’t find the locking system intuitive to open on our own without watching a video (this is great). It took a few attempts to open the locking system, but then it was easy to lock the seat belt into place.

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