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Stars of “The Lord of the Rings,” “Elvis” and “Faraway Downs” David Wenham is to reprise one of his best-known roles in the next feature film “SPIT.”

The film is a sequel to the 2003 crime thriller comedy “Gettin’ Square,” in which Wenham played Johnny ‘Spit’ Spitteri, a recently released ex-convict, and Sam Worthington (“Avatar”) played an older brother. who tries to keep the child. No problem.

Production on “SPIT” has begun in the Gold Coast and Brisbane, Queensland, and will continue through May.

The new film is directed by ‘Gettin’ Square’ and the director of ‘The Railway Man’ Jonathan Teplitzkyfrom a script by Queensland-based writer and lawyer Christopher Nyst.

It is produced by Freshwater Pictures, based in Queensland’s Trish Lake, alongside Greg Duffy, Felicity McVay and Wenham. It received significant production investment from Screen Australia with local distribution from Transmission Films and international rights sales handled by Moviehouse Entertainment.

In “SPIT,” Spitteri finds himself locked up in an immigration detention center upon his return to Australia. With old enemies on his tail and a target on his back, he navigates a series of comical misadventures, sharing with his fellow detainees the meaning of camaraderie and what it is to be truly Australian.

“Hardly a day goes by when I’m not asked about Johnny Spitieri, a character I played more than 20 years ago. Spit was a character who earned the public’s affection; Bad habits, bad haircuts and bad fashion aside, he was the quintessential everyman, a little man doing the best he could in seemingly impossible circumstances,” Wenham said.

The returning cast includes Helen Thomson, David Field, David Roberts and Gary Sweet, and ‘Spit’ also introduces new characters to be played by Arlo Green, Ayik Daniel Chut Deng, Sam and Teagan Rybka (The Rybka Twins) and Sami Afuni .

The returning team includes Garry Phillips as Director of Photography, Nick McCallum as Production Designer, Julie Forster as Consulting Line Producer, Greg Apps as Casting Director, Sheila Lind as Production Account and Tess Natoli as Hair and Makeup Designer. .

Supported by the State of Queensland’s Screen Finance Fund, “Spit” is estimated to inject approximately A$7.2 million ($4.75 million) into the state’s economy while creating 120 job opportunities. employment for cast, crew and local creatives. It will also employ 250 extras.

“Australia has seen a lot of change in 22 years, and while SPIT maintains many of the values ​​of the original film, it is definitely a story that resonates with contemporary audiences. “We want to make a new film that is exciting and embraces the culture of the Gold Coast and Queensland, but will stand the test of time, just as the original did,” Lake said.

From left to right: David Wenham, Trish Lake Christopher Nyst.

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