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As with most movie commercials that appeared during Super Bowl 2024the new trailer Deadpool and Wolverine It was only announced with a preview. It makes sense considering trailers are typically a couple of minutes long and Big Game ads are decidedly 30-second ads. But there was a different reason why it was just a teaser that aired on television and encouraged fans to watch the full trailer online: The full trailer features the tie-in to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The trailer begins with Wade Wilson’s birthday party. Somebody knocks the door. Wilson (aka Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds) responds and is greeted by agents of the Time Variance Authority, the timeline surveillance team at the center of Loki. As the TVA agents whip out their shiny Time Sticks, Wade responds, “Pinning ain’t new to me, buddy. But it is for Disney.” He then looks directly at the camera.

We won’t get into linking here (LOOK), but suffice it to say that Wade is right. While it might be a run-of-the-mill gag for Deadpool, it’s something new for the MCU/Disney offering. Deadpool and Wolverine It’s the first Deadpool movie to hit theaters (it opens in July) since Disney completed its $52 billion take. acquisition of 21st Century Fox and brought Deadpool and the X-Men into the MCU fold. Doing so, and bringing Wolverine into the mix, was always going to require some sort of timely retcon (he’s had two adventure films while the other Avengers chased Thanos), so linking Deadpool to the TVA makes sense from a continuity perspective. (and Kang Dynasty) perspective. It’s also a sign that at least someone at Disney knows that the MCU needs a change.

As is, Deadpool and Wolverine It is the only Marvel movie released this year and the last…the wonders—It didn’t exactly set the world on fire, despite it being a really good moment. Many speculated in 2023 that Marvel was losing is shape. Introducing a randy, foul-mouthed hero, one who draws on the rather strange themes of the Thor movies and Lokiseems to be Disney’s plan to inject some excitement into the franchise.

When I interviewed Deadpool and Wolverine Last year, director Shawn Levy asked him if he could bring a little spice to the genteel world of Marvel. When I asked him if the movie would be rated R, he said, “Fuck yeah.” When I asked him about Deadpool’s identity, he perked up and noted that “Deadpool’s pansexual openness is charming. …(is) so boldly ahead of its time.” Ideologically, he sided with Disney in opposing laws like Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which has put the Mouse House in a difficult situation. legal confrontation with the state governor, Ron DeSantis.

It would be easy to dismiss the queering of the MCU under the auspices of Disney as an empty attempt at “edginess,” one that only winks at LGBTQ+ fans without truly representing them. There is something cynical about this view, but given the blowback Disney will likely receive for its release. Deadpool and Wolverine During the hot summer of an election year, the effort seems genuine.

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