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As the four-day Chhath festival began with the ‘Nahay-Khay’ (bathing and eating) ritual on Friday, Delhi Police authorities have ensured security measures for devotees during the two days of Araghya (prayers).

The festival will end on Monday morning with ‘Araghya’ in the rising sun.

All designated ghats in the city have been decorated and safety measures ensured. The Delhi government has set up more than 1,000 ghats and artificial ponds across the city for devotees.

Talking about the preparations for Chhath Pooja, DCP Dwarka M Harsha Vardhan said, “Chhath ghats have been set up at 133 places in Dwarka. Thousands of devotees will come here for pooja. In this regard, elaborate security arrangements have been made. Our staff” “It will be deployed at the Chhath ghats and the external force will also be part of the security during the celebrations.”

The DCP further said that there was a meeting with the Chhath Pooja organizers to ensure compliance with the do’s and don’ts during the Chhath celebrations, and female personnel are also being deployed at the ghats to maintain security.

Regarding the safety of children and women at the ghats, DCP Vardhan said all safety measures are in place.

Delhi Mayor Shelly Oberoi also visited the ghats in the Dwarka area on Thursday to ensure preparedness. “Just as the Delhi government makes preparations every year and sets up ghats for Purvanchalis for Chhath Pooja, the municipal corporation is following in its footsteps and making the same arrangements… Hygiene and cleanliness are maintained… Spraying will be done. insecticides to keep dengue and malaria under control,” he said earlier in statements to the media.

Delhi Police on Friday issued a traffic advisory for Chhath Pooja in the national capital to ensure smooth flow of traffic.

Chhath is mainly celebrated in states like Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. During the festival, people fast, bathe in rivers and offer prayers to thank the Sun God for granting the bounties of life on earth and fulfilling wishes. Devotees offer offerings to Goddess Chhath (Chhathi Maiya) and God Surya/Bhaskar (Sun) and pray for blessings.

It is believed that a person’s wishes and prayers from the depths of the heart would bring blessings. During the fasting time, only those foods considered pure are consumed, and cleanliness is one of the things that is most taken care of during this period.

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