Democracy is doomed to failure under a second Trump presidency

Rep. Liz Cheney shared his fears that another trump presidency It could be him death sentence for democracy.

“He can’t be the next president because if he is, all the things he tried to do but were prevented by the responsible people around him… at the Department of Justice, in the White House counsel’s office – all those things he will do. There will be no security barriers,” the former congresswoman and member of the January 6 committee said on the CNN program on Sunday. state of the union.

“After January 6, after our investigation, after all the evidence we presented about all the steps and his multi-part plan to overturn the election, there could be no doubt that he will crumble the institutions of our democracy. Cheney added.

Cheney and host Jake Tapper He also discussed Trump’s current legal problems, including a recent fine he incurred for violating a silence order at his fraud trial in New York and threatened him with prison if he violates the order a second time. Trump, unable to keep a single thought to himself, was fined $5,000 when he was unable to remove a Truth Social post from his campaign website that attacked one of Judge Arthur Engoron’s secretariesalleging that the employee was the “girlfriend” of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

“Almost without exception, the Judiciary has been unconditional in terms of recognizing and understanding the threat to the republic posed by donald trump“Past behavior, what he did up until Jan. 6 and, frankly, what he has continued to do,” Cheney said. “It’s really important that people recognize the efforts that are being made to tear down all the institutions of our democracy.”

Cheney also attacked Republicans in Congress, such as Rep. Jim Jordan, who have perpetuated “the notion that the entire judicial system, the FBI, is armed against us.”

“We have Republicans saying, ‘We’re going to defund the FBI.’ We’re going to defund the Department of Justice,’” Cheney said, naming Jordan as an example. “That is very dangerous”.

Jordan last week lost his bid to become speaker of the House of Representatives humiliatingly after the far right of the party ousted former Republican Party Chairman Kevin McCarthy.

“I feel like it’s almost disqualifying for House Republicans to base it on reality,” Tapper told Cheney.

“Well, that has been my personal experience,” the former congresswoman responded.

When Tapper asked Cheney about her future plans, including whether she intends to launch a presidential run, Cheney said that’s an option on the table.

Cheney said that in this election cycle she would help elect “sane” people from both parties to public office. She said it is vitally important to send officials who are loyal to the Constitution in case of a nightmare scenario in which the election between Trump and another candidate is so close that it is sent to the House of Representatives to decide.

“We have to elect people who believe in the Constitution,” he said.


“Don’t you rule out a presidential candidacy?” Tapper asked Cheney.

“No, I’m not,” he said.

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