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Denise Huskins is opening up about his kidnapping with unfiltered details. During her appearance on Tuesday, April 2, on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, the american nightmare The subject, 38 years old, recalled having been “asleep” with her now husband, Aaron Quinnand thinking that “he was dreaming” when he heard the kidnapper Mateo Müller in the room.

“I could hear a strange man’s voice and it was like my subconscious was in conflict. It was almost like he was saying, ‘Don’t wake up, don’t wake up,'” Huskins explained to podcast host Alex Cooper. At that point, she and Quinn were awakened by what they thought were several men, and one of them ordered Denise to tie up her then-boyfriend.

“There were so many little pieces that it was very difficult to even process,” Huskins explained to Alex. “It’s not what you would normally think – you watch horror movies or true crime movies and you see this crazy, passionate violence, and realizing that criminals can be patient and in control, and plan it out, was even more horrible to process.”

Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn
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After being forced to take sedatives and put on headphones that played “prerecorded messages,” Huskins recalled thinking to herself, “Maybe this is just a robbery.” However, it ended up being her kidnapping.

“The night got progressively worse and they separated me from Aaron and took me downstairs, and then he came in, and there was only one man who was talking, and it was the man who was holding me captive,” Huskins continued. “And he said, ‘This wasn’t for you, this was for…’ and he named me. Aaron’s ex by first and last name.. We need to figure out what we’re going to do.’”

Huskins was kidnapped in March 2015. Muller held her captive for 40 hours. In the midst of kidnapping her, she raped Huskins before finally returning her to her hometown.

“You almost have to distance yourself because you can’t be present in the horror of the situation,” Huskins said on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. “You have to think about all the possibilities that something could go wrong.”

To their surprise, Huskins and Quinn faced charges from the police. Authorities and the public speculated that the couple had organized the kidnapping in a manner similar to Ben Afflecks movie Girl is gone.

After the ordeal, Huskins and Quinn married and had two daughters together. Earlier this year, Huskins and Quinn appeared in the docuseries. american nightmare to tell his story.

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