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When it comes to breaking records on YouTube, you’ve probably heard of MrBeast and his record for the most subscribed individual creator on the platform. MrBeast too once kept the record for the most viewed YouTube video in a 24-hour period after one of his August 2023 uploads received nearly 60 million views in one day.

MrBeast’s 24-hour viewing record would be quickly surpassed by the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto VI trailer that was released last December. The GTA 6 trailer got more than 74 million visits to take that disk away from MrBeast.

But it looks like no one will be breaking the new record holders’ view counts anytime soon.

On Monday, April 1, 2024, popular messaging platform Discord posted a video announcing a new “Loot Boxes” feature. While the “feature” existed, Discord didn’t take it seriously. It was an April Fool’s Day joke. Discord loot boxes have now been removed from the platform.

But somehow, Discord’s 18-second April Fools’ Loot Boxes Video received more than a billion views in a period of 24 hours.

Yes, you read that correctly. One billion views.

Screenshot of Discord Loot Boxes YouTube video

Credit: Youtube

The video received so many views that it actually got stuck at 628 million views around the 16 hour mark as YouTube struggled to keep up with the count before updating to 1.4 billion around the 24 hour mark.

To really bring this new record home, Discord beat the record by approximately 1.3 billion views.

How did this happen?

So how did Discord accomplish this impossible feat?

The company is coy about it on social media. destination “Oops” on Elon Musk’s X social media platform on Tuesday in a vague reference to the video. Discord also posted some sarcastic comments. answers to some users who commented on the publication.

Mashable has reached out to Discord and YouTube for comment but has yet to hear back from either company. We will update this piece if we do.

However, a software developer named Marvin Witt shared a very convincing breakdown of what probably happened. Basically, it looks like Discord may have accidentally (or intentionally?) created a “working YouTube viewing bot,” as Witt described it in a thread on X.

This is what happened

When Discord releases a new feature, the platform often displays a pop-up ad for users in the bottom right corner of both the desktop app and the web app.

Discord did this for the Loot Box prank feature on April Fool’s Day. ingenuity shared a screenshot of the pop-up window. Mashable can also confirm that we saw this pop-up when logging into Discord on Monday morning.

According to Witt, who also runs an independent company news and updates resource About Discord, Discord’s Loot Box video was embedded in this popup via an iframe.

“Loot boxes have arrived!” says the pop-up.

However, as Witt shows, the YouTube video was not visible to users unless they moused over the pop-up message, in which case the video would appear from the message as toast in a toaster oven.

Discord’s 18-second YouTube video apparently played automatically on loop in the background of the app as users spent countless hours messaging their friends or even just leaving their computer idle.

So, that leaves one more question: Did Discord do this on purpose?

There is quite convincing evidence from Witt that it was indeed an accident.

On his X account, Witt posted a screenshot from a Discord post by a “senior developer” who has worked at the company since April 1.

“How the fuck is this video getting so many views?” he says.

Later that day, some users began to notice that the pop-up code in the Discord app had been changed to fix the issue, changing from the YouTube video to a video file. However, as Witt says notedMany of the views came from users who kept Discord open and were not actively using the app, meaning the issue would persist until those users updated the app or the pop-up message no longer appeared because April Fool’s Day was over. .

The Discord Loot Box video will also likely become the source of much debate within the YouTuber community, as there will inevitably be controversy over whether the log should count. Even if it were, there’s probably going to be a huge asterisk on this disc.

Either way, Discord set out to fool everyone on April Fool’s Day. It seems they did, but not in the exact way they had planned.

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