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Taylor Swift’s influence on the 2024 Super Bowl isn’t just about red and yellow friendship bracelets and adorable NFL-inspired “Taylor’s Version” sweatshirts. The singer-songwriter’s recent streak of game-day appearances in support of her Chiefs boyfriend, Travis Kelce, has also spurred a surge in Swifties’ interest in football. This trend is so powerful that it actually inspired a Super Bowl ad for skincare line Cetaphil that shows a father and daughter bonding over watching the Chiefs and Swift together. This growth of this young, predominantly female fan base, which various media outlets have dubbed “the Chiefites,” is something that Donna Kelce, mother of Travis and Jason Kelce (center for the Philadelphia Eagles), has also noticed. And the wave of new faces and voices is exciting for the Kelce matriarch.

A football icon since Kelce sewed her kids’ jerseys into a single jersey when they battled each other in the 2023 Super Bowl, the new ambassador for Barefoot wine brand (who is quick to recommend the official wine sponsor of the NFL and is exceptionally reticent to even say the name Taylor) got serious for a second when talking about the wave of rookies who are interested in both the NFL and their children. “I’ve gotten a lot of letters from parents saying, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is the first time my daughter is really interested in soccer,’” Kelce told Variety. “So there are a lot of new fans who are trying to understand the game and love it, and it’s actually very exciting.”

Donna Kelce poses with the Vince Lombardi Trophy on February 8, 2023 in Phoenix.  (Tyler Kaufman/AP)
Donna Kelce poses with the Vince Lombardi Trophy on February 8, 2023 in Phoenix. (Tyler Kaufman/AP)

When pressed to answer why or where this sudden change came from, the mother’s media training came into play. “There are a lot of different reasons,” Kelce said with a laugh, “let’s just say it’s really a breath of fresh air. “There are so many new fans that come and enjoy football.” And while Kelce didn’t reveal whether she and Swift exchanged friendship bracelets, she did reveal that she shared several exchanges with fans at previous games.

This mom has certainly been through her share of viral moments, including watching (with the nation) as Jason, the eldest, ripped his shirt off on TV after his brother’s win over the Ravens, solidifying the Chiefs’ place in the Super Bowl. “You just have to understand, that’s Jason,” Kelce said with a smile. “Jason is larger than life. He is very quiet most of the time during the season. He is very focused, on point. But he occasionally lets loose and is larger than life.”

Plus, Kelce loves “Great Yeti” Meme, which originated from her children’s now-megaviral podcast, “New Heights.” She listens to the duo every week and has her own Yeti jersey saved for the Pro Bowl and the big Super Bowl weekend. When asked if the podcast will continue until 2024, Kelce hesitated: “You never know it’s been going on for a while. “They enjoy it, they really enjoy it.”

Although it’s been two decades since Kelce hosted her own viewing party — the mom is known for running across the United States to be physically present at as many games as her kids can muster — her goal is to make Super Bowl parties accessible. . her to everyone and she wanted to share her recipes and tips for a succession viewing party. Her favorite game day meal of hers? An old-fashioned hot dog paired with a barefoot Pinot Grigio, of course. She shared that when they’re not playing, Travis’ favorite dish is chicken wings (she recommends having Kansas City BBQ sauce on hand), while Jason’s is the “local classic” Philly cheesesteak. “The best way to enjoy it is with a glass of barefoot cabernet sauvignon,” Kelce said, still mentioning the brand.

What did Kelce say to Travis before the big game? She usually sends a text the day before, because she won’t be knocking on game day. “That’s a no-no,” she said. “They are busy. They are focused, ready to go out on the field. I would not do that”. But before the athletes go into quarantine, “I just say good luck. Have a good time. Leave everything on the field and. You don’t get there very often, well, (Travis) does, but you know, when he gets there, you better enjoy it.”

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