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Dragon Dogma 2 is a game about feeling like the coolest guy on the planet after winning a 20-minute fight against a douchebag dragon. Instead, Dragon Dogma 2 It’s a game where you stumble around like an idiot while a cyclops beats you into oblivion because you didn’t prepare properly before going out at night.

It’s also a game about throwing your friends off cliffs, trying to fix questionable AI, and ruthless inventory management. But, above all, it is a redemption story for a cult classic that ultimately, finally found a way to succeed with a general audience without compromising its fun and friction-filled ideals.

If you’re willing to get dirty with Dragon Dogma 2 (and accept the game on its own terms), you’ll find one of the most satisfying and lively open-world experiences in years.

what I like about Dragon Dogma 2

Dragon Dogma 2 It may not be the best game of 2024, but it’s hard to imagine another game more committed to this theme. From its emphasis on exploration (with a challenging travel system that adds depth to the game) to dynamic, unpredictable encounters, Dragon Dogma 2 is a refreshing departure from conventional open-world mechanics.

Running from one place to another has never been so much fun

Beastren in Dragons Dogma 2

Like a rhinestone cat boy.
Credit: Capcom/Vapor

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that at least some people reading this aren’t really familiar with Dragon dogmaThe game. Let me fix that.

Simply put, it’s an open-world action RPG that zigs and zags where many other games in the genre do. The narrative premise is weak (you’re a very special boy or girl trying to prove that he or she is the true monarch of the kingdom), none of your party members are real characters per se, and simply moving around is kind of a task—on purpose.

That last part is important. You can only travel using consumable items that are expensive in shops early on and are otherwise rarely distributed as quest rewards or in chests. An economical bullock cart system offers a near-rapid travel option between major centers. However, there is a considerable risk that an ogre will interrupt your journey, resulting in the destruction of your chariot and leaving you stranded in the desert after dark.

The functional result of these design choices is that you’ll spend a lot of time running between cities, often traversing paths you’ve explored before. In another game, this would be tedious to backtrack. Here is part of Dragon dogmaThesis statement. No two trips are ever exactly the same. Sometimes, everything is smooth sailing, but other times, a pipe dream will ruin your day. There are also plenty of side paths that lead to custom dungeons or other areas filled with treacherous enemies and worthwhile loot.

All of these ideas and systems work together to produce an experience that feels decidedly refreshing in this era of polished, frictionless open-world games. You will never climb a tower to reveal icons on a map in Dragon dogma. The map does a good job of communicating where you can go, but it will never tell you what you’ll find there. That’s for you to discover.

The funny thing is that the first game was exactly the same. The only thing that has changed here is that everything is a little better. The tutorials are simpler and easily available. It will only take you a couple of hours to feel powerful, as opposed to 8 or 10 hours in the original game. This, in many ways, feels more like a reinvention of the first game than a sequel, as Capcom has had an extra dozen years, and presumably a much larger budget, to fine-tune the experience.

Knocking down rocks from big monsters

Griffin dies in Dragon's Dogma 2

Everyone remembers the first time they killed a griffon.
Credit: Capcom/Vapor

And Capcom has perfected it. Fight in Dragon Dogma 2 It is, in a word, exciting. Whether it be fighting your way through weak gremlins or fighting one of several large boss monsters that require you to physically climb over them to attack weak points. shadow of the colossus-style, this is a game about patience and concentration. Each of the game’s various playable classes uses unique weapons and has different abilities, and adapting to your role equals success.

Thieves, for example, are better off when they are more annoying. They can move quickly around the battlefield using a dash move that no other class has and deal massive damage without taking hits. Mystic Spearhands, on the other hand, involves carefully using magic to stun enemies and support teammates before attacking when an opportunity arises. And finally, as an archer, your job is simple: stay out of the way.

The point is that you can’t just press buttons to achieve success here. Doing so will be severely punished, whether by strong enemy attacks or simply pure physical luck. Dragon Dogma 2 It distinguishes itself from its contemporaries by adopting a realistic body physics system, so characters will stumble and be knocked down when a boss hits the ground nearby. Sometimes they pick you up and throw you off a cliff and all you can do is laugh.

Once you understand it Dragon dogmaIn combat, all of that feels natural, even when it doesn’t work in your favor. There’s a lot of randomness here which also elevates things. Sometimes you will engage in simple combat in a flat, open area. Other times, a boss monster will want to discard while you’re on a precarious cliff. Once, I was halfway through killing a cyclops when a griffin descended on us, making it a stressful fight against two evil monsters.

Learn to accept failure

While it’s very easy to feel amazing in Dragon Dogma 2I want to emphasize that failure is built into the game design ethos. You will stumble and fall, you won’t be able to complete quests on time (yes, some quests have time limits), or you won’t be able to find them. It won’t always be your fault either. That’s life, man.

It is this aspect of Dragon Dogma 2 That ultimately convinced me more than anything else. You really have to surrender to the idea that your adventure will not turn out perfectly. I failed quests and ruined relationships with certain characters by accident. I wasted fast travel items and burned through all my heals, only to run away from the fight I was trying to win, run out of money, and accidentally sell important quest items trying to get that money back.

Failure as an inherent characteristic of game design is part of what attracted people to Baldur’s Gate 3 last year, and Dragon Dogma 2 He gave me what that game gave to its millions of fans. It just does it without putting a 20 face on screen.

pawn stars

Magic Archer class in Dragon's Dogma 2

Archery can be crucial.
Credit: Capcom/Vapor

I would be remiss not to take a moment to talk about Pawns, the stars of the show on Dragon dogma. Your party of adventurers consists of your customized protagonist, as well as a second created character who can be any class you choose. That’s your main pawn, and the other two spaces in your party are made up of other players’ main pawns that you can pull from the ether online.

Pawns are just fun, man. They love to chat about rumors they’ve heard and other parties they’ve been to. If you fall from a high surface, sometimes they will catch you and save you from dying. You can also throw your main pawn off a cliff as many times as you want without suffering any consequences, if you wish.

The only downside to all this is that Dragon dogma is so focused on letting the player tell their own stories that it doesn’t really bother to tell much of one itself. People who like traditional role-playing games might lament the fact that pawns are not written characters with deep stories and satisfying narrative arcs.

That being said, you learn to love them all equally. Especially when you find out that another player created a Shrek-inspired sorcerer and you can include him in your party.

What is ‘huh’ about? Dragon Dogma 2

While Dragon Dogma 2 introduced an unexpected microtransaction store, it doesn’t seem like the game design was anchored in it. The scarcity of in-game items is not artificially designed to drive purchases; rather, it is a design choice consistent with the franchise’s history.

Yes, there are microtransactions.

Surprisingly, the previously unannounced microtransaction store It was a surprise even to many people who received the game early to review it. You can use it to purchase useful game-changing items, such as fast travel crystals. It sucks, plain and simple.

However… this is something of an own goal on Capcom’s part. There is absolutely no reason to believe that the developers made these items artificially scarce in the game to encourage you to purchase them with real money. The items are rare because that’s how the game works. Sample Dragon dogma I worked 12 years ago too.

In other words, you can safely ignore the microtransaction store. I don’t want to absolve Capcom here because even knowing that it exists does change the player’s relationship with the game to some extent. But functionally, this doesn’t affect gameplay at all, and frankly, anyone who spends money on fast travel crystals is a fool.

What I don’t like about Dragon Dogma 2

The unpredictability of Dragon’s Dogma 2’s gameplay, while intriguing, sometimes leads to frustrating moments where the game’s mechanics seem to fail rather than challenge.

Flying too close to the sun

The player has a limit of control over what happens in Dragon Dogma 2, which is, overall, a good thing. However, a game with so many variables in play at any given time will eventually buckle under that weight and produce friction that isn’t especially fun.

I’m actually talking specifically about one time I was escorting a character from one place to another for a mission and he just… jumped off a cliff and died in the middle of a fight. Of course, I failed the mission and couldn’t try again. It was frustrating because it was clearly the game that broke rather than an intentional choice by the developers.

That’s the kind of thing that can It happens at any time, and it’s impressive that it doesn’t happen again, but that doesn’t stop it from being fun. However, once again, failure is a part of life. All you can do is move on to the next mission.

Is Dragon Dogma 2 it’s worth it?

I am fully aware that not everyone is going to vibrate with Dragon Dogma 2. You just can’t play this game expecting it to be like Skyrim. You will experience moments of frustration when you realize that you have to run all the way back to a place because you can’t fast travel there. Much of it might even seem like a waste of time.

But I promise you it’s not. you just have to leave Dragon Dogma 2 drag you into the mud with him. Everything that seems tedious or annoying is there for a reason, and once you see the bigger picture, you’ll learn to appreciate those things. Not all games have to be like this Dragon Dogma 2but I’m very happy that at least one game is like this.


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