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Unlike most social media companies, Elon Musk‘s X allows users to post adult content. This was also not a new policy instituted by Musk. Even under the old man, then-Twitter leadership, X-rated content was allowed. Twitter, or X as it is now called, has long been the primary social media service of choice for those who work in the adult industry or simply like to post adult content.

New screenshots discovered by developers who change of path within the mobile apps show that X apparently plans to require users who create groups on X, called Communities, to label their community as “mature content” or “NSFW.”

According BloombergX is testing the adult tagging feature now.

Communities featuring adult content will need to be tagged as “mature content” by group administrators, or X may automatically remove adult content.

“You must enable this setting if your community contains sensitive adult content,” reads the rules for this Communities setting. “Omitting this will result in automatic filtering of all sensitive adult content within your community.”

Communities have been a feature of X since his Twitter days, first launch in 2021. The feature allows users to create discussion groups on a specific topic or niche that other Twitter users can join. Users then post to those communities just as they normally do on the platform, but those posts only exist within those communities rather than in the users’ and the platform’s public feeds.

The Communities feature never took off. However, Musk has attempted to revitalize the feature in recent months. A Communities tab has been added to the main sidebar menu in X, and the platform allows users to pin Communities to their profile page to promote groups. The official X account for Communities, @HiCommunities, also aware for the first time since October 2022 just this month.

Content X and X

X has had trouble handling pornography and other adult content on its platform.

At one point, before Musk acquired the company, Twitter was reportedly looking to monetize adult content with a feature that would compete with adult content creator subscription service Onlyfans. However, as The Verge reported, the company found that it did not have the resources to moderate, monitor, or “accurately detect large-scale child sexual exploitation and non-consensual nudity.” As a result, those plans were scrapped.

Musk’s platform already prevents advertising partners’ ads from appearing on adult content, as most major companies don’t want to partner with X-rated content, making the content unmonetizable on X.

However, removing adult content from the platform entirely could backfire, as social media platform Tumblr discovered years ago.

In 2018, Tumblr forbidden adult content after building a community that expected that type of content on the platform. In just a few months, Tumblr lost 30 percent of its traffic, as well as a portion of its user base. Tumblr would do it later counter that decision, but the platform has not yet fully recovered from the ban on adult content.

Is X creating this “mature content” tagging feature to further develop the Distressed Communities feature? Or is the tag being built on a little-used feature to possibly test how instituting the tag platform-wide would work? We will continue to monitor how the “adult content” label on X evolves.


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