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Save in the new year with two high-quality drones for the price of one with Alpha Z PRO 4K + Flying Fox 4K Wide Angle Dual Camera Drone Bundleon sale for $99.97 ($398) until January 1.

Kick off 2024 with the Alpha Z PRO 4K + Flying Fox 4K Wide Angle Dual Camera Drone Bundle. This fantastic package includes two top-notch dronesoffering double the enjoyment at an even lower price available only until January 1st.

One of the best aerial companions for adventurers, the Alpha Z PRO 4K drone is a high-performance device with outstanding features for any outdoor adventure. It has an advanced 4K wide-angle front camera with 90° adjustment and a 720p bottom camera, ensuring you capture stunning images with clarity. The drone minimizes flight adjustments for a stable and smooth content capturing experience. Other notable features include a sleek all-black casing, altitude hold mode, headless mode, and a One-key automatic returnallowing the drone to navigate in various weather conditions, capture cinematic shots and return quickly.

Featuring a sleek silver design that complements the Alpha Z Pro, the Flying Fox 4K Wide Angle Dual Camera Drone is distinguished by its wide-angle lens, allowing for wide shots that capture broader landscape views. This feature is particularly useful for panoramic photography and capturing large-scale events from above. Exhibition impressive tracking capabilitiesYou can sync the drone with the desired target, allowing you to capture unique content for up to 12 minutes per flight.

Durability and long flight time are key features of this package. Both drones are built with robust materials, capable of withstanding different weather conditions. Long battery life ensures longer flight times, allowing users to capture more images on a single charge.

Whether you’re a new drone user or an experienced pilot, this package suits all experience levels. It’s a great addition to any gadget collection for future adventures.

Buy the Alpha Z PRO 4K + Flying Fox 4K Wide Angle Dual Camera Drone Bundle for $99.97 (regular: $398) until January 1 at 11:59 pm PT with no coupon code required.

Prices are subject to change.


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