Fans of the Latin superhero ‘Blue Beetle’ support his streaming success| Trending Viral hub

Blue Beetle, DC’s first live-action film with a Latino lead, will make its streaming debut Friday on Max.

Fans who identified with the Latin superhero hope that the film will attract many more viewers, which did not happen at the box office, much to their frustration.

“The jokes were so good because they were so relatable, to be honest, because they reminded me of things my uncles said,” said Daniel Espinoza, 24, of Inglewood, California. “The film showed how much family plays in Latin culture.”

Numerous moments in the film captured the attention of young Latino viewers, from comedian George López’s role as Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle’s Uncle Rudy, to the reggaeton soundtrack of Calle 13’s “Atreve-te-te” and the old school songs by the late Mexican singer Vicente Fernández, which are a familiar musical backdrop in many Latino homes.

“Blue Beetle was truly a love letter to Latinos around the world,” said Melissa Ignacio, 28, of Santa Clarita, California. “The fact that they had songs by Selena, who I listen to, and songs by Vicente Fernández, who my dad listens to, made it a very pleasant experience; my parents and I were able to enjoy it equally.”

The Latin actor Xolo Maridueña, of Mexican, Cuban and Ecuadorian descent, was widely praised for his performanceand the movie mytorned an audience score of 92% and a critic score of 78% about rotten tomatoes. Still, he made headlines as DC’s highest-grossing movie.

"Blue beetle."
A scene from “Blue Beetle.”Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Critics say numerous factors came into play when the film hit theaters in August: strikes by Hollywood writers and actors meant actors weren’t promoting the film, and the character of Blue Beetle was not a common face in the film. DC Extended Universe.

“It’s nice to see Blue Beetle, the first brown superhero, from a major studio like DC,” said journalist Jack Rico. “But to truly achieve mainstream status, we must challenge those metrics.”

According to Comscore/Screen Engine’s PostTrak, Latinos accounted for nearly 4 in 10 (38%) of box office share.

“I felt hopeful and seen,” said Marina Sangit, 27, a second-generation Mexican and Indian American who lives in Washington, DC. “I think we’ve come a long way, but I felt seen and visible in some way.” that was deeply meaningful and impactful for my life and my lived experiences.”

The film’s poor box office numbers disappointed Latinos who have lamented the demise of other movies and TV shows with Latino leads and stories, such as Netflix’s “Gentefied” and the “One Day at a Time” reboot. Both shows had good reviews and had a loyal following, but were canceled when they didn’t get the viewership and metrics of other trending productions.

“Seeing that happen over and over again makes me feel like our stories are unappreciated or unimportant,” said Alejandra Vázquez Baur, 28, who lives in New York City.

“Blue Beetle” brought families together, something Vázquez Baur experienced when he returned home to New Mexico.

“My brothers and I went together, and I intentionally wanted to watch it with them, who grew up playing with all the superheroes,” he said.

Additionally, “Blue Beetle” depicted a relatable family dynamic.

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