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Gene Simmons showed a lot of support for Jojo Siwa after rocking an outfit that was apparently inspired by her onstage appearance with KISS at the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Monday, April 1. The 74-year-old KISS leader praised the dance moms student, 20 years old, for being “extraordinary.” He also criticized critics of his appearance for being envious of his success.

The rock icon praised her and offered some good advice everyone should follow in an interview with TMZ on Wednesday, April 3. “Jojo is great. Anyone who doesn’t understand it is just jealous. Period. Never be ordinary. Always be extraordinary,” he said. “Jojo is extraordinary and looks great.”

At the end of his brief statement, Gene said he also noticed the comparisons, but seemed flattered that an up-and-coming young star would reflect his style in her onstage appearance. “Of course, she looks like me, but that’s another story,” he said.

Gene’s iconic “Demon” makeup during a concert. (Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Race To Erase MS)

Jojo wore an outfit similar to the ones KISS members wore on stage when she came to the red carpet for the awards ceremony. She had some dark eye makeup in a pattern that resembled the ones the members of KISS wore on stage, although it wasn’t a perfect replica of Gene’s “Demon” makeup (or even Ace Frehely’s “Astronaut” appearance, which is similar). He also sported a shiny black and silver suit that had similarities to the “God of Thunder” rocker’s stage look, featuring spiked designs that resembled a bat and more.

While Gene was very supportive of Jojo’s appearance, some online viewers were not as supportive. “Now why is Jojo Siwa dressed like KISS? He feels out of place,” one person wrote on x. “WHAT THE HELL IS JOJO SIWA WEARING?! Is this supposed to be inspired by KISS? Lost a bet? another spectator wrote.

Despite some negativity, there were some who agreed that Jojo looks very “cool.” “It’s true, that KISS rock star look that JoJo Siwa was rocking looked pretty cool,” said one fan. wrote.

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