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America Ferrera is reflecting on the success of Barbie – and why she thinks her character’s race in the film helped her land the role. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter On Friday, the actress opened up about the fact that she hadn’t always been considered for non-Latin roles until recently in her career.

“To be honest: for most of my career, I haven’t been considered for roles that weren’t written specifically for Latina women,” Ferrera said. “And that, in itself, limits what people are willing to think about you and what is available to you. The gift that Greta (Gerwig) offered me is that she really wrote the role of Barbie as a Latina.”

“I suspect that if she hadn’t written it like that, maybe I wouldn’t have been the person they came to. However, even though the role was written as a Latina, it was not a Latina role,” she added. “Being Latina was not the purpose of the character. She became a full human being and representative of so many things. It wasn’t a “check the box” type of casting. That has started to change a little, at least for me.”

Ferrera explained that she has lately been considered for roles not specifically cast for Latinas, citing her casting as Jennifer Campbell in dumb moneywhere it says that black and white actresses were also considered.

“They were just thinking broadly about who could play that role,” he said. “It’s great to be competing for a role that isn’t written specifically for a woman of color on the page. “That’s new to me after 22 years of working and being in this industry.”

“It’s really about the streets you can play on, right? I always remember Viola Davis’ beautiful (Emmy) speech: ‘You can’t win awards for roles that don’t exist,’” she added. “And you can’t build a complex, diverse career with dynamic, different characters if those roles aren’t open to you.”


Ferrera got his start in 2002 when he starred Real women have curves, a film focused on Latinas. Since then, she has played Latinas in different projects, including television shows. Ugly Betty and Hypermarket. Ugly Betty has had a bit of a resurgence over the last year through TikTok. With THRThe actress shared that she would be willing to “revisit that character in a heartbeat,” adding that there have been “real conversations” about doing so.

“But there are always problems with rights: what can be done and where can it be done,” Ferrera said. “Either way, it’s wonderful to me that Ugly Betty It’s having this moment with people who weren’t even alive when we did it the first time. “It’s still very relevant to the culture.”


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