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When OpenAI’s ChatGPT ushered in a new era in technology, an industry first AI bite, Google, responded by reorganizing its labs and launching a profusion of sometimes overlapping AI services. This included the bard chatbotjob assistant AI Duoand a chatbot style search version.

Now Google is consolidating many of its generative AI products under the banner of its latest AI model, Gemini, and taking direct aim at the OpenAI subscription service. ChatGPT Plus.

Google announced today that Bard, its experimental chatbot hastily launched last MarchIt’s now called Gemini, taking the same name from the text-, voice-, and image-capable AI model that began powering the Bard chatbot. in December. Gemini is also gaining more prominent positioning among Google services. It will have its own application on Android phones and on Apple mobile devices, Gemini will be integrated into the main Google application.

When Google first presented the Gemini AI model was portrayed as a new foundation for your AI offerings, but the company had withheld the more powerful version, saying it needed more testing for security reasons. That version, Gemini Ultra, is now available within a premium version of Google’s chatbot, called Advanced Gemini. Accessing it requires a subscription to a new tier of Google One’s cloud backup service called AI Premium. Typically, a $10 subscription to Google One comes with 2 terabytes of additional storage and other benefits; Now that same package is available with Gemini Advanced included for $20 per month.

This new Google package offers much more than a subscription to ChatGPT Plus by OpenAI, which costs $20 a month. The service includes access to the most powerful version of your company chatbot and also OpenAI’s new “GPT store”, which offers custom chatbot features designed by developers. For the same monthly cost, Google One customers can now get additional storage in Gmail, Drive, and Photo, plus a more powerful chat search experience.

Personality improvement

Sissie Hsiao, Google vice president and general manager of Google Assistant and Bard, said in a press conference ahead of today’s launch that Google conducted blind tests with users of Gemini and other leading chatbots and found that Google’s offering was “the chatbot most preferred”. .”

Hsiao said Google also gave 100 leading AI experts access to the advanced version of Gemini and asked them to challenge the robot with complex requests. “They have been very enthusiastic and have given us very positive feedback.”

Google says the new Gemini will now have more attitude (a departure from the more neutral tone it previously adopted) and “will understand intent and react with personality,” according to Jack Krawczyk, Google’s director of product management. This may be inspired by the enthusiastic chatbots launched by some small AI upstarts, such as Pi since the beginning. Tipping AIand the various app-specific people who now have ChatGPT custom GPTs.

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