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Gorilla price rose 50% in the last 24 hours to trade at $0.007385 At 6 a.m. EST, trading volume skyrocketed 496% to $4.8 million.

While the token’s price rise likely has a lot to do with the continued crypto market rally led by Bitcoin, its developers launched the Beta version of Gorilla Launchpad on February 29.

The so-called Gorillapad has yet to see its full release, but its team said it is working tirelessly to deliver the full version as soon as possible. Anticipation of what is to come is likely partly behind the token’s rise.

Gorilla Price Forecast

Gorilla’s price rise can be attributed to several factors, including the fact that it is a meme coin, meaning it belongs to a group of cryptocurrencies that typically perform very well in all types of market conditions. When favorable as they are now, meme coins tend to thrive, and this is exactly what is happening with GORILLA.

Speaking of favorable market conditions, Bitcoin continues to execute its pre-halving rally and is now very close to its 2021 ATH.

The hype has also spread to altcoins, which is yet another reason for Gorilla’s price to rise. Add in the anticipation of its upcoming launch pad and it becomes clear why the token is doing so well.

However, traders are now interested in what will happen next, so many are turning to technical indicators. The Bollinger Bands of the GORILLA token have seen a massive widening in the last 12 hours, even greater than that seen on February 2. This is an extremely bullish signal and good news for traders.

gorilla price

However, the project’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) has recently entered the overbought zone, reaching the value of 84.03. Since then, it has fallen to the current value of 66.51, which is much closer to the neutral zone, but still quite high.

Based on the behavior of the RSI, it appears that the decline has stopped, suggesting that the bulls are managing to outperform the bears.

While a portion of traders acted to make profits, demand for GORILLA tokens remains strong. However, on the token’s chart, it is clear that the $0.0080 resistance is a strong barrier and the token is struggling to overcome it.

However, since the market is still controlled by the bulls, it is possible that Gorilla breaks this resistance in the coming hours and potentially ventures further towards $0.0090, and perhaps even reaches $0.01.

Alternatively, if buying pressure drops, the token could fall to $0.007 and possibly sink as low as $0.005. However, technical indicators currently suggest that Gorilla still has room to grow. That said, this rally is due to fundamental rather than technical factors, so extreme caution is advised.

Promising alternatives to gorilla

One of the most promising alternatives to Gorilla right now is a new token called Green Bitcoin (GBTC). This is a project that introduced Gamified Green Staking, which allows for exponential rewards and a token bonus of up to 100%.

Green Bitcoin comes as an extraordinary opportunity in the world of cryptocurrencies as it allows users to earn a lot by predicting Bitcoin trends. This allows cryptocurrency veterans, but also beginners, to transform their market knowledge or simply try to make money with their intuition.

So far, the project has attracted many interested cryptocurrency enthusiasts as it combines the legacy of Bitcoin with the green blockchain of Ethereum.

Interested parties have already rushed to purchase the project’s token in the ongoing pre-sale, allowing Green Bitcoin to raise $1.7 million and sell its token at $0.5742 each.

The pre-sale allows users to obtain GBTC in exchange for ETH, USDT, credit or debit card. Users can also purchase the token with BNB.

Visit the GBTC pre-sale here.

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