GT Protocol Price Prediction: GTAI Soars 40% as New Cryptocurrency eTuktuk Surpasses $600,000 in Pre-Sale| Trending Viral hub

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GT Protocol price is up 40% in the last 24 hours to trade at $1.85 at 11:29 pm EST, and its trading volume increased 32% to $14 million.

GT Protocol Price Swaps Cup and Handle Pattern

GT Protcol Price Chart Analysis.  Source:
GTAIUSD chart analysis. Source:

The GT Protocol price indicates a continuation of an uptrend as the price has formed a cup and handle pattern. The $1.2 support zone has given the bulls a springboard to recoup losses accumulated during the price decline.

The bulls have shown resistance despite the pullback at the $1.93 resistance, bouncing off the $1.62 support zone and forming the handle part of the pattern to push the price up the x distance of the depth of the cup.

The price is trading above the 50-day simple moving average (SMA), affirming the bullish momentum, and the price is almost completing the part of the pattern.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicates a rebound from the mid-50 level, reaching 63. If the momentum continues, the RSI could reach the overbought level of 70.

GT Protocol Price Prediction

The general trend of cartesian price remains bullish. The presence of the cup and handle pattern provides better ground for the bulls to push the price higher, targeting the $2.63 mark.

As traders await confirmation of the bullish rally above the $1.93 resistance, investors looking to diversify are examining the new green AI coin, eTukTuk, on Binance Smart Chain.

eTukTuk pre-sale has surpassed $600,000: the best altcoin to buy now

He eTukTuk The pre-sale has already surpassed $600,000 with around $66,000 left to reach a soft limit of $680,000. With less than two days left, you can buy eTuktuk tokens at $0.026 each before a price increase.

As an innovative project, eTukTuk aims to revolutionize the transportation industry by introducing electric TukTuks and sustainable charging infrastructure in developing countries. The platform will address carbon emissions, improve health and foster financial inclusion.

eTuktuk operates on Binance Smart Chain, employing a decentralized sharing economy model to achieve scalability, security and efficiency. At its core, the project focuses on green electric vehicle charging station (EVSE) infrastructure and introduces affordable electric Tuk Tuks (eTukTuks).

By offering a cleaner and healthier alternative to traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) Tuk Tuks, the project has positioned itself as a leader in the EVSE sector.

An opportunity to bet, play and win rewards and prizes

Can buy and stake your $TUK tokens on the eTukTuk platform and receive an annual percentage return of 350%. These rewards are in addition to the usual price increases during pre-sales before launch. The more you bet, the greater your rewards will be.

Additionally, the project team plans to release a play-to-earn (P2E) game called Crazy Taxi. In the game, players navigate the busy streets of Pakistan, transporting passengers to various locations. They earn $TUK tokens for each mission completed, leveling up and unlocking new global cities.

Crypto analyst Jacob Bury says projects like these are the future of cryptocurrencies. He also predicts a 10x growth potential for the TUK dollar.

You can purchase $TUK tokens today by visiting the eTukTuk official website. Exchange BNB or USDT for $TUK tokens or buy directly with your bank card.

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