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Although Bill Ackman received his bachelor’s degree in 1988 and his master’s degree in 1992, both from Harvard, you could say his education began on October 8. That morning, Mr. Ackman, founder and chief executive of the Manhattan-based hedge fund Pershing Square Capital Management, woke up. to the reality of moral rot in American universities. It was a condition of which he had been “naively” unaware, to use his own description from an extensive recent report. cheep.

The tweet is 3,800 words long. His opponents have dismissed it as a rant, but much of it is a recitation of unimpeachable (and often repetitive) arguments against wokeness. He began writing it at 6 p.m. Atlantic Standard Time while on a family vacation in the Dominican Republic, and finished at 3 a.m. “I hit send without showing it to anyone, as happens with all my tweets,” he says in a telephone interview. “This scares the hell out of my communications person. And it was too late to show it to my wife.” He composed another recent tweet from his barber chair.

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