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Are you hoping to start the new year with a nice view of a meteor shower? You’re in luck because the night of January 3 and early morning of January 4 will present a regular opportunity to glimpse the Quadrantids.

The brighter the moon in the sky, the less detail you’ll see, and in that sense, this year will be good, but not great, for Quadrantids fans. Last year, by contrast, the moon was nearly full during the peak of the Quadrantids, bad news for stargazers. 2024 looks slightly better, with the moon in about half the lighting.

When to look up and see the Quadrantids

Every year, from approximately January 1 to January 5, this shower arrives and there will be some meteor activity visible every night during that window, although the night of January 3 and the early hours of January 4 will be the best option. The best time to observe will be shortly after midnight, or anytime meteors are radiant point, The constellation Bootes is in the night sky.

He Rush hours according to the American Meteor Society they are “between local times of 1 to 5 a.m.” for locations in North America, but as always, check local listings and keep in mind that weather does not obey the whims of meteor viewing calendars. stars.

Crushable speed of light

What is a ‘quadrantid’ anyway?

If your last astronomy lesson was decades ago, you may have forgotten what meteors are, and there’s no shame in that. Yes, they are the same as “shooting stars,” but that name is quite misleading because meteors are simply small particles of space dust that burn up in Earth’s atmosphere. They are not light years away from our eyes like the stars. Rather, it is a few dozen. miles far.

This particular space dust probably flew out of a comet called 2003 EH1, discovered in the year that bears its name. As Earth’s orbit takes us again and again through the comet’s trail of cosmic debris, dust particles (or meteorites – collide with our atmosphere, resulting in the light show we call a meteor shower.

How to be aware of the Quadrantids

To have any hope of seeing a dazzling spectacle, you need to get away from the city lights. These meteors radiate from the position of the Bootes constellation in the sky, and a stargazing app Might be useful if you don’t know how to find Bootes. Don’t focus on Bootes, though, because meteors will apparently be everywhere above your head. Just lie down, stay warm, let your eyes adjust to the dark, and keep looking up.

Unless there are clouds, given enough time, you will see something exciting.


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