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Our favorite movie of 2023 It’s coming to streaming, folks. Created by Tony Mc Namara and Yorgos Lanthimos (writer and director of the favorite), poor things It is the second most nominated film this year academy awards – falling slightly behind oppenheimerIt has 13 nominations with 11. And that includes four of the Big Five awards, including Best Picture.

The film surpassed our high expectations with his Frankenstein-story style. As Mashable Movie Editor Kristy Puchko wrote in our full movie reviewpoor things “It’s a stunning visual spectacle that satisfies the eyes, tantalizes the waist and feeds the soul.” He called Emma Stone, who plays the resurrected corpse of a woman who died by suicide, a “force of nature,” and Marcos Ruffalo, “outstanding as the handsome bastard.” It’s no surprise at all that the couple earned Oscar nominations for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor.

Here’s everything you need to know to watch poor things before the Oscars on March 10, or anytime after. Prepare for a film “full of fantasy, wonder, weirdness and unapologetic excitement.”

What is poor things about?

Adapted from the 1992 novel of the same name by Alasdair Gray, poor things centers on Bella Baxter, the resurrected corpse of a woman (Emma Stone) who committed suicide. She feels like a Mary Shelley makeover. Frankenstein, where the curious scientist is Dr. Godwin Baxter (Willem Dafoe). The problem is that Bella may have the body of a grown woman, but her childish mind has a “voracious desire to know the world,” which becomes more than Dr. Baxter can handle. As well as Mashable’s Movie Editor Says It“go on an adventure around the world with a carefree but very hot rogue, played by Mark Ruffalo with charming enthusiasm.”

Here is a trailer to give you a better insight into the fantasy of poor things:

When is poor things transmission?

Although it’s still in select theaters nationwide, poor things It is scheduled to make its streaming debut on March 7, 2024 exclusively on Hulu. Already a Hulu subscriber? Great, March 7 poor things will adorn your screen. Not a subscriber yet? Read on to learn the best ways to sign up for Hulu, including a generous free trial that could let you watch poor things free.

how to watch poor things: Best Hulu Streaming Deals

To broadcast poor things at home, you’ll need a Hulu subscription. There are monthly and annual options, ad-free and ad-free tiers, free trials, third-party offers, and even packages to choose from. We’ve broken down all the essential details below to help you make the best decision for your streaming needs.

Best for new (or returning) subscribers: Hulu 30-day free trial

If you’ve never subscribed to Hulu before or are returning after previously canceling, you can get a 30 day free trial and look easily poor things (and many other great movies) without being charged. Just be sure to cancel before the 30 days are up if you want to avoid seeing a charge on your bank statement. If you decide to keep your subscription, it will cost you $7.99 with ads or $17.99 per month without ads.

Best for long-term viewing: Hulu Annual Subscription (with Ads)

If you don’t qualify for the free trial, you can still save money by opting for the Annual subscription instead of the monthly plan. Typically, the ad-supported plan costs $7.99 per month, but if you opt for the annual plan, that monthly fee drops to about $6.67 per month. While paying $79.99 upfront may seem expensive, you’ll end up saving about 16% over a year. It may not be the best option if you are just looking to look poor things and bounce, but if you want to stay long term, this is your best option.

Best for T-Mobile customers: Hulu (with ads) included for one year

Having a T-Mobile Go5G Next plan is a gift that keeps on giving. Starting January 24, T-Mobile customers with this plan can get Hulu with ads included for free. Just go to T-Mobile website and choose “redeem now” to claim the offer. Enter your T-Mobile number and account details to sign up for Hulu. After your initial 12-month promotional period, steps will need to be taken to maintain your Hulu subscription, so be sure to keep an eye out for that. Otherwise, this deal is pretty straightforward.

Best for students: Spotify Premium for students with Hulu

Students can get Hulu for a significant discount in two different ways. First, there are Spotify Premium for students, which gives students access to Spotify Premium and ad-supported Hulu for just $5.99 a month. Even better, there’s a one-month free trial to try everything out first. The only real requirement is that you can prove that you are actually a student through SheerID.

Crushable Offers

Below there is also a Hulu Student Account option. There’s no free trial, but it will only cost you $1.99 per month, or 75% off the typical monthly cost. Like the first option, you will have to prove your student status through SheerID to claim the deal.

Best package deal: Hulu + Disney+ (with ads)

Full disclosure: This is not the best option if you’re just looking to watch poor things and continue on your merry way. However, if you are looking for one of the best Hulu streaming dealsthere is nothing better than him disney package. Not only will you get Hulu with ads, but you’ll also get full access to the Disney+ streaming catalog for just $9.99 a month. That’s just $2 more per month than paying just for Hulu (or a 37% savings). If you’re an athlete, you can also throw ESPN+ into the mix with the Disney Trio package for just $14.99 per month, which is a total savings of 44%. You’ll have to deal with ads while streaming, but it’s still the best bang for your buck.

Other ways to look poor things

For those who prefer not to sign up for another streaming service, poor things It is also available to purchase through video-on-demand retailers like Prime Video and Apple TV+ for $19.99. It will probably also be available to rent in the coming weeks.

Here are the quick links to purchase the film on digital:


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