Hulk Hogan’s son arrested for DUI in same Florida city where he was involved in car accident 16 years ago| Trending Viral hub

Hulk Hogan’s son was arrested Saturday for driving under the influence in Clearwater, Florida, the same city where he was arrested 16 years ago for a car crash that seriously injured a passenger.

Nicholas Bollea, 33, was stopped by a sergeant on Gulf to Bay Boulevard after failing to cross a lane for three patrol cars conducting a traffic stop, according to an arrest affidavit.

The arresting sergeant reported that Bollea showed signs of impairment and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. He also refused to submit to a breath alcohol content test, had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath and had unstable balance, according to the affidavit.

Bollea was arrested Saturday morning at 1:42 a.m. on misdemeanor charges of driving under the influence and refusing to submit to a breath alcohol content test. He was released later that night on $500 bail, according to online registrations.

In August 2007, Bollea was also involved in a car accident in Clearwater where a passenger was seriously injured, Reuters reported.

Investigators said at the time that Bollea was driving his car recklessly when he crashed, injuring passenger John Graziano. Witnesses reported seeing two cars racing at each other before one crashed into a tree, the outlet reported.

According to Reuters, Graziano, a veteran, was on life support with brain injuries after the crash.

Bollea eventually turned himself in, pleaded no contest to a charge of reckless driving with serious bodily injury, and was sentenced to eight months in jail in 2008. Reuters reported.

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