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Hunter Schafer on the cover of GQ magazine

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Image Credit: Bryce Anderson/GQ

hunter schafer is giving a glimpse into his love life after their breakup with Dominic Fike It made the news last summer. During a new interview with GQhe Euphoria The star confirmed that she is currently single and is taking her time to find someone special.

“In some ways I’m still recovering from the last thing,” Hunter, 25, told the publication in an interview published on April 2. “I want to make sure I’m okay before I jump into something else. “

Before fans assume Hunter’s breakup with Dominic, 28, was dramatic, the actress made it clear that the relationship was special and one she will treasure.

Hunter Schafer on the cover of GQ Magazine April 2024
Bryce Anderson/GQ

Although she had never dated a man before Dominic, Hunter said the romance opened her eyes to new possibilities.

“I had had a lot of shitty experiences with men before, not from dating them, but just in life,” she explained. “I think he had built too thick a wall around himself. And then I fell in love.”

Dating Dominic allowed The Hunger Games: The Ballad of the Songbirds and the Snakes Star to “resolve a lot of the feelings of disdain I had toward men in general.”

Hunter Schafer posing for GQ magazine
Bryce Anderson/GQ

“I think I had inhibited a lot of my friendships with men, and a lot of that diminished as well,” she continued. “I had a really beautiful relationship with (Dominic) and he really opened me up in that sense.”

In July 2023, Dominic confirmed his split from Hunter in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. At the time, the actor referred to himself as a “relationship person,” but noted that “casual sex” is usually easier.

Hunter Schafer in GQ Magazine
Bryce Anderson/GQ

“I could make music around him, which was crazy. “I was looking for songs the other day and found one I did with her,” he told the publication. “I thought, ‘Man, that was cool.’ But the fact that I say that, that I feel uncomfortable being alone, is a bad thing. “So I decided to be alone for a while.”

During his candid interview with GQHunter also confirmed that she “was once in a romantic relationship” with the singer. rosalia for five months in 2019. To this day, they remain in each other’s lives.

“I have really beautiful friendships with people I was once romantically involved with,” Schafer explained. “She is family no matter what… It is something I am happy to share. And I think she feels that way too.”


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