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IATSE and the Hollywood Basic Crafts unions opened negotiations on Monday by presenting their proposals on pensions and health care items.

The first day of trading followed a mass demonstration on sundayin which union leaders warned of a fallout from last year’s hot work summer if a deal is not reached before the July 31 contract deadline.

Talks began at 2 p.m. with an unusually large delegation of production crew unions to negotiate with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, which represents major studios.

The negotiation is expected to take place under media silence, in a sign that both sides think it would be counterproductive to share specific details of their proposals in the press.

The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees agreed to jointly negotiate with Teamsters Local 399 and the other Basic Crafts unions on issues related to the film industry’s health and pension plans.

Unions were expected to demand a new residual flow that would increase employer contributions to pension and health plans. The unions sought the same provision in the 2021 negotiation, but did not achieve it.

Pension and health plans are facing an unusually large deficit after last year’s double strike, which paralyzed the scheduled part of the industry for six months.

“The coalition of unions submitted initial proposals to AMPTP related to MPI benefit-sharing plans,” the unions informed members in a brief update on social media on Monday evening. “Talks are expected to continue throughout the week.”

The negotiation process is expected to be slow. Following joint discussions on pensions and health, IATSE is expected to begin negotiating the Basic Agreement, which affects 13 West Coast locations. The focus will be on the Area Standards Agreement, which affects other locals across the country, in late April, and Teamsters Local 399 will negotiate its issues separately in June.

The unions have already committed not to extend contracts beyond the expiration date.


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