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As a result of the country’s accelerated high-growth trajectory, India is awash with optimism, pride and anticipation and there is a “palpable” sense that it is on the move, said Kumar Mangalam Birla, president of the Aditya Birla Group he said in his annual note on Monday.

“And for that, our government deserves a lot of credit,” he added.

Birla said that while several countries remain mired in pessimism, India seems to be moving forward with “unwavering optimism”. “This is the dynamism and energy of a young country and an ancient civilization that has found its voice and its foundation,” she said.

He added that the viral meme “looks amazing” echoes the vibrant energy of the Indian economy and captures the “unparalleled” nature of this moment.

Birla highlighted that right now, the confidence of Indians is increasing and can be a transformative force.

“Maybe it’s time to imagine an index that captures a nation’s collective trust. Maybe let’s call it a national trust index!” Birla said.

Birla said that since 2020, the world has witnessed several events such as a global pandemic, war, unprecedented technological acceleration and a reorganization of the global pecking order. During these four years, the world has shown great resilience.

“Many established ideas are being challenged, but nations, companies and people have shown incredible resilience,” he said.

“The secret to navigating this chaos and moving forward with purpose lies perhaps in embracing the ideas and values ​​that have permanence and lasting relevance.”

Birla said that during one of his foreign visits he realized that transparency and trust are the basis of globalization.

“Globalization in its true form does not have to be a zero-sum game. And the model of globalization that will always work is one that is based on openness, mutual trust and transparency,” he said.

First published: January 29, 2024 | 14:24 IS

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