iPhone 15, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and more were tested for 5G speed. Which one did better?| Trending Viral hub

Congratulations, iPhone 15 owners. You have the fastest 5G phone, according to Ookla Speed ​​Test classifications, which were just released this week. (Note: Mashable and Ookla are owned by the same parent company, Ziff Davis.)

The new rankings tested several recent smartphones for their performance on 5G networks in the US, but the most interesting findings involved the iPhone 15. iPhone 15 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5since they were the only phones on the list launched in 2023.

With that in mind, here’s how it came down, in terms of average download speeds measured in megabits per second:

  • iPhone 15 Pro Max: 285.02Mbps

  • iPhone 15 Plus: 275.48Mbps

  • iPhone 15 Pro: 268.99Mbps

  • iPhone 15: 249.30Mbps

  • Z-fold 5: 231.56Mbps

  • Z Turn 5: 219.17Mbps

Some of these results are surprising and others are not. It seems pretty reasonable that the Pro Max, which is currently the highest-end iPhone available, would have the highest speeds, for example. But it’s interesting that the 15 Plus slightly outperforms the regular Pro. The same goes for all iPhones that outperform Samsung’s two foldables, both of which cost at least $1,000 after taxes.

But there is also a more optimistic point of view to all this: the median Download speeds are above 200 Mbps in all cases. Four years agoI found that 5G speeds can vary wildly from block to block in New York City, with some areas exceeding 400 Mbps and others falling below 100 Mbps.

Obviously, medium is not the same as medium, but it should still be seen as encouraging that a good number of people are achieving results that were unthinkable with mobile networks just five years ago.

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