iPhone 16: this new leak about the screens may disappoint you| Trending Viral hub

Apple’s strangest technological commitment may continue in next year’s iPhone.

According to leaks from the South Korean tech site naver and Twitter leaker @Tech_Revebase iPhone 16 and the 16 Plus screen can still be locked at a 60Hz refresh rate. For the uninitiated, that’s the number of times per second the screen refreshes, and a higher refresh rate produces a smoother experience for scroll, watch videos, play mobile games and more.

To be fair, 60 Hz is not in itself a bad refresh rate, but it is much lower than what has become standard on the latest flagship smartphones. Both from Google Pixel 8 The phones have a 120Hz refresh rate, even the budget Pixel 7a Since the beginning of this year it goes up to 90hz. In fact, Apple clearly understands this better than anyone because the iPhone 15 Pro Both models also have 120Hz displays.

It’s just a strange hill for Apple to ride on, especially as the company updates the iPhone’s base displays in other ways, such as adding Dynamic Island support this year. But hey, maybe these leaks are wrong. Hopefully.

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